Do you want to know how to beat Headless in Sekiro? We have all the important tips and tricks for this boss fight. This fight is not easy so read carefully.

You can take out the Headless mini-bosses, which are deceptively difficult. Although they might appear relatively easy, you shouldn’t underestimate these enemies, especially given their ability to turn invisible, and wide swing range. In addition to being a formidable foe on its own, the mist surrounding the boss causes your movements to crawl, putting you at a serious disadvantage. 

The world of Sekiro also contains five Headless mini-bosses. These mini-bosses are the ruined form of corrupted heroes who once defended their country. They are encircled by a fog that slows down movement and prevents dashing. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat Headless Sekiro mini bosses.

Headless boss fight gameplay
Headless boss fight gameplay

List of Headless bosses in Sekrio and their locations

  1. Ashina Outskirts – Underbridge Valley Idol
  2. Sunken Valley – Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor’s Idol (Mibu Breathing Technique skill needed to access the area with this Headless)
  3. Ashina Depths – Hidden Forest 
  4. Ashina Castle – lake before the Old Grave Sculptor’s Idol. (Mibu Breathing Technique skill needed to engage in this fight)
  5. Fountainhead Palace – Great Carp’s lake

How to beat Headless mini bosses in Sekiro

Once the fight begins, sprint towards the boss and begin hitting him. Do not lock on, because the camera can get really wonky. Once you have struck him about five or six times, watch what happens. The boss will telegraph its moves, letting you know what to do. When it starts turning a swing, back away and wait for it to complete. If the boss turns invisible, turn around quickly since the boss will reappear behind you.

In order to remain safe, you should get directly behind the boss with the mist at your feet. When you go behind, the boss will constantly turn to get you in its view since it is programmed to not attack you unless you are directly in front of it. While you’re behind, you can take a quick shot without worrying about getting hit. 

You can get two strikes if you sprint behind the Headless each time since he turns very slowly, at least in the mist. Keep your finger on the sprint button when you are walking, or he may attack you. Another thing to keep in mind is that you might not always be able to see the boss from the same angle depending on where you are.

Headless boss fight gameplay
Headless boss fight gameplay

Do not get greedy

Don’t get greedy with your strikes — if you strike more than two, you’ll be in danger. Always be aware of the direction in which the Headless is turning. You may want to get in a few attacks, run away, and repeat until the mist returns, since the boss moves a little faster when the mist disappears. The boss will eventually use its two-handed sword spin attack, so run away or wait for it to use another Divine Confetti. It’s best not to use one when the Headless are within range. 

It is also possible to use one immediately after you have eliminated the boss’s first health bar. Any additional item like Ako’s Sugar should not be used until you’re clear. Run back to sticking behind the boss once you’re safe. If you’re careful, you’ll get it down in no time.

Apply the same strategy for other fights

The next two Headless fights that take place on land can be handled using the same approach, but rather of using an Ako’s Sugar at the beginning, you will now have access to an Ako’s Spiritfall once you have defeated the Headless in Ashina Outskirts. To get the most out of your new weapon, bring enough of Spirit Emblems to every battle.

You can slow the rate at which your Terror builds up by using a Mottled Purple Gourd if you want to be extra cautious. Nevertheless, if you follow the strategy above in the guide where we tell you how to beat Sekiro Headless mini bosses, you will find the fight easy. It takes patience and preparation to conquer this boss, but you will be rewarded for it if you do.

How to beat Sekiro Headless mini bosses underwater

Underwater headless boss
Underwater headless boss

At least for Fountainhead Palace’s underwater fight, you must deal with two Headless simultaneously. However, Ashina Castle’s underwater fight has only one Headless, so we recommend starting there to get some practice dealing with the Headless.

You cannot use the majority of items underwater, so you have to use a different strategy for these fights, regardless of which one you take on first. You can still use items before you jump in and they will be effective. Healing underwater is extremely useful, and Divine Confetti isn’t required, but it’s recommended against the spirit Headless in Fountainhead Palace.

It is best to stick behind the boss in Ashina Castle, just as you did previously, and watch out for its large, sweeping attacks. Being underwater makes it harder to be precise. Take an Ako’s Sugar and a Pacifying Agent before the fight begins to slow the build-up of Terror. After jumping in the water, find the boss and watch out for its long-range blast.

Take your time and then hit

Hit a couple of times while swimming behind the Headless. Then retreat, give it a moment to begin the animation of its sweeping attack, and then reappear behind it to land a few hits. Watching the boss’s motions from a distance can help you understand what it is capable of, which will help you respond more quickly. You shouldn’t have too much trouble if you take items before the fight and stay behind it because it just has one health bar.

Fountainhead Palace fight is hard

It is important for you to keep an eye out for the underwater battle at Fountainhead Palace. You have to ward off two Headless at the same time in this fight. Since both Headless have low health and can be defeated quickly, it is highly recommended to defeat them both. Although you don’t have to defeat both Headless to end the battle, it is highly recommended to do so.

Before swimming away from the spirit, don’t be greedy and strike it only a few times. Swim back in and land the final blows on the spirit headless once you have dodged the projectiles. It shouldn’t take more than six to ten hits, depending on the items you are using. As soon as you have dealt with the spirit, you can focus on the main Headless.

Get behind the boss again

After you kill the other one, the main Headless will probably already be charging up a projectile attack, so swim perpendicular to it if that’s the case. A similar strategy is used in Ashina Castle: you get behind the boss by slashing it a few times before retreating and watching out for projectiles. To give yourself plenty of time to respond, you should make some space between yourself and the boss. 

A wall or other piece of geometry that can block your view should be avoided because the camera might have trouble with you if you find yourself in an awkward situation. It is usually recommended not to attack more than twice before backing away — otherwise, you might get hit. Swim in a circular motion and try to get behind the boss while staying away from the projectiles. Once you have attacked and escaped, there aren’t many other things to watch out for other than the black hole attack.

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So this is how to beat Headless in Sekiro. It is definitely lot of hard work but the rewards are worth it. 


  • Ako’s Spiritfall
  • Gokan’s Spiritfall
  • Gachiin’s Spiritfall 
  • Ungo’s Spiritfall
  • Yashariku’s Spiritfall

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