How to beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Wondering how to tackle Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Here is an ultimate guide with all the tips and tricks you’ll need.

This Divine Beast is one of the most important bosses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It takes you on the most hazardous territory in the game on the Vah Rudania main quest. Although this is still a very different creature from a dungeon or temple in the Zelda tradition, it is the closest approximation to one in Breath of the Wild. But don’t you worry as this quest to has similar things just like other Zelda quests like a series of puzzles and an overall dungeon theme. But we are certain that you will need a guide to take you through it, thus here is a guide to help you tackle Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How to beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania

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The first task to solve in Divine Beast Vah Rudania Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is to grab the map. After doing this you will get access to a 3D view of the whole Dungeon. After doing this you will be assigned the task of activating 5 different terminals spread across the Van Rudania. You have to figure out how to these terminals without help or hints.

After getting your hands on the map you will be able to move its body from a flat position on its side position, this would arrange your perspective inside. After your brief conversation with the champion is done and Link is under your control, proceed through the door in front of you.

Strike the Ganon corruption in front of you by aiming your left and right eyes, respectively. The dimly lighting eyes should be visible in the pitch darkness. Fire at them. Grab the chest from the spot where the left corruption was, then grab the chest from the spot where the right corruption was.

If you don’t have any weapon on you, do not worry this chest got you covered. The chest has a torch, and a wooden club that is flammable. keep these things handy after you have acquired the chests,, it would be useful when you want lights around your surrounding.

At first, light one of the two on one of the blue lamps. There is another lantern in the room’s right corner. When you light it, a door will slide open. You will find a guardian standing on the other side of the entrance. Although it is weak, they have good enough attacks on them to strike you back. Thus try to get rid of them by kiting around them.

You can see Ganon’s corruption shining in the dark, complete with two eyes for two different lots. As soon as you spot them make sure to kill them both.

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Again, walk back and light your torch and then return to light it. In the left-hand corner of the room, there is another lantern and a chest. You will receive the map when the lantern opens the door. Now you will see that this creature is capable of a 90° back and forth turn. When it’s done moving you might be on the ceiling. Now paragliding down to the terminal to activate it.

Jump to the place where the terminal is located and stay on the floor of Vah Rudania. It will take out two Ganon corruption eyes as you proceed. After you pass the entrance Rudania will be back again at 90 degrees. It will be lying flat. Climb the ladder now and you will be on Divin Beast’s back.

Climb up and you will find a lantern here then climb the other side of the fence and wait here. Turn the divine beast in 90 degrees to make it sideways. Now walk on its spiked scales and here is the chest on its scales. Grab the chest and flip the beast again to climb back up and run across its back.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda
How to beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild 7

To find your next terminal look towards the head of the creature surrounded by corruption. Turn around and walk along the Divine beast spikes down to it’d fail. The next chest is down here with a few loot to grab.

Turn around and walk back to find the entrance. Go to the pitch-dark chamber and you will find a door on your right. These doors are metal and can be only lifted using magnesis. However, the door is barred with wood and leaves.

It’s time to use your fire arrows. Fire it at the leaves and wait for it to burn. The head outside Vah Rudania sets fire immediately. Now the doors are unbarred so you can open them to hide magnesis. Behind this door lies terminal 3.

Now you will find more leaves on this terminal and it’s time you grab some more loots from here. Burn these leaves to find yet another chest and grab your loot

Now take out your bow and stand next to a blue lantern at the entrance. If you have a normal arrow it will catch fire. Take this lit-up arrow to the door on the right. Fire through the hole in the door to light up another lantern. This will open the door like a charm.

There will be more leaves on the ceiling at the end of this tool. Repeat the same process as above and burn them. Now you might e having a metal box that you can use to block the flames. You can use this box to block the flames and walk past them. Now flip the beast to use the terminal just like you did above

Head to the entrance now and back on the top of the Divin beast. Come to a position where you can rotate the beast and walk along its spine then command the beast to turn it sideways. Walk along its spike from one end to the other.

Now it’s time to use the torch you found in terminal 2. Light this torch and go back on Vah Rudanias back on its head and then light the torch.

This will open up a gate and a ball will be freed. Flip the beast and the ball will fall on the right track. Magnesis must be used to lift the block when the beast is on its side. This will release the ball, which will then fall into the hole. This unlocks the last door, which leads to Terminal 5. here is the last and the most important terminal ahead of you.

Fireblight Ganon  Boss Fight

Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Fireblight Ganon is easy to fight compared to the other bosses in Zelda: Breath of the wild. Getting near is key to beating Fireblight Ganon. He doesn’t have a lot of attack or defense potential underneath. When he uses his sweeping or other sword attacks while you are not underneath him, block or make an effort to escape. Master Sword can bring his health below 50% and start the second phase.

The majority of Fireblight Ganon’s second phase consists of him hovering above you while launching a single, huge fireball. We suggest that you keep a sufficient number of ice arrows handy that you found in treasure chests within Divine Beast Vah Rudania. The fireball will be put out with one shot from them. If you don’t have any ice arrows, you can shield yourself from attacks by hiding behind big objects.

This is all you need to do to take down the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. It may look lengthy but it will keep you indulged for sure. Hope you found this guide useful and make sure that you follow all the tips as suggested. Best of luck for your next battle with the Divine Beast in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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