How to Beat Berserker King in God of War Ragnarok



You can defeat the final Berserker King, King Hrolf Kraki in God of War Ragnarok by following our simple tips, strategies, and tricks.

Berserker King is an optional boss in God of War Ragnarok. Berserker King or otherwise known as King Hrolf Kraki is the game’s last Berserker and you can fight against this boss in Midgard. You need to complete all Berserker fights and then make your way to King’s Grave in Midgard where the final berserker boss Hrolf Kraki will be there in his Gravestone. You need to defeat the Berserk King to complete the entire Fit for a King favor questline in Ragnarok. Hrolf Kraki is an intimidating boss with high health and energy. Defeating this final berserker boss in Ragnarok is an uphill task for every player.

Hrolf Kraki has unblockable attacks, ice projectiles, ice balls, punches, and more powerful combos to use against his enemies. Kratos needs to equip every powerful weapon and shield to tussle against this aggressive King Hrolf Kraki boss in its Realm. Hrolf Kraki is also the leader of the entire berserkers and you need to defeat the other eleven berserker souls to get access to this boss fight. Here are the best tips, strategies, and techniques to defeat the King Hrolf Kraki boss in God of War Ragnarok.

God Of War Ragnarok Berserker King Boss Fight – Guide and Walkthrough

Location King’s Grave, Midgard 
Weapons Spear, Axe, Shield, Armor
Rewards 1 XP for Kratos and Freya, Gale Flame, Hilt of Skofnung, Berserker Armor Set, Helheim Enchantment

Make your way to the boss’ Gravestone which is at the King’s Grave in Midgard. As soon as you find him in Gravestone, the fight gets initiated. Before starting the boss fight, make sure to have equipped the best set of gears, armor, abilities, and shield fully upgraded.

Phase 1

Berserker King has many melee attacks and these will be unleashed initially. You need to dodge most of Hrolf Kraki’s attacks as his unblockable attacks can’t be parried every time. The berserker king boss boasts all element powers and he can unleash fire, poison, lightning, bifrost, and ice projectiles. The boss also uses fire and frost shields to avoid damage. You can use Draupnir Spear with abilities to inflict severe damage. Blade of Chaos and Leviathan Axe can be utilized to avoid his melee combos. Protect Kratos with a powerful shield and use gear and other abilities to deal more damage. The fallen stars’ Armor will protect Kratos from the berserker boss’ heavy projectiles.

Berserker King Boss
Berserker King Boss

The boss often charges his sword and hammer to inflict colossal damage on Kratos. You will be indicated by yellow and red rings. Then the boss unleashes his charged clap which will be indicated by blue rings. You just need to stay behind these rings. Hrolf Kraki can attack from both long and short ranges. The boss also unleashes heavy AoE damage. Avoid his ice and fire projectiles as they may deplete Kratos’ health gradually. You can use Leviathan Axe with another ability to stun the boss. The boss also goes aerial to unleash ice orbs and projectiles, again Kratos needs to move to his left or right to avoid them.

Whenever Hrolf Kraki tries to attack with a hammer, you need to either parry them or counterattack with your spear. Utilize heavy attacks and blade of chaos combos to quickly decrease his HP. You can use your Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear to avoid his ice and fire orbs. The boss also throws fire and ice balls to stun Kratos, you just need to parry them. And whenever he throws quad or other bolts, you can dodge them quickly. Unleash runic attacks to stun the boss and reduce half of his HP. This will take you to the final round against the boss.

Phase 2

Berserker King is protected with a couple of shields and armor and you need to deal heavy damage consistently to reduce his health bar which is not an easy task. You can stun the boss with heavy attacks to gain the initial advantage. Whenever Kraki is stunned, use your Leviathan Axe to deal non-stop damage. This will also reduce his health faster. Avoid getting damaged as the boss will throw fire balls and projectiles in regular intervals. Kraki will use his hammer and heavy sword attacks to kill Kratos in a single move, use your spear and relics to overcome them. His hammer charge attacks will be indicated by blue circles and you can parry them. Utilize heavy attacks and attack faster with rage. You can also unleash shield rush skill effects using the onslaught shield in this round.

You can continue with the same strategy and utilize the rage and shield rush skills to attack faster. Change your weapons regularly. Use Draupnir Spear to unleash heavy attacks. The boss will use his sword and swing it harder to kill Kratos, now you can counter it with your axe and rage. Keep dealing more damage and reduce Kraki’s health. The boss will unleash all his elemental projectiles to attack, you just need to stay behind and continue with your strategy. As soon as you spot Kraki kneeling on the ground, you can complete the boss fight with a heavy attack. Then you can leave the spot and collect your rewards as drops from Hrolf Kraki. Defeating King Hrolf Kraki will finally help you complete the favor fit for a king quest line in God of War Ragnarok.

That’s how you can beat and kill the final Berserker King in God of War Ragnarok after defeating the other Berserker Souls. Defeat King Hrolf Kraki and get your rewards. You will also complete the Fit for a King favor in the game.

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