God of War Ragnarok Armor Tier List – All Armors Ranked


Looking for top-tier armors in the nine realms of Norse mythology- God of War Ragnarok? Here is a tier list of the best armor available in God of War Ragnarok ranked.

Kratos as God of War has been ruling the land for many years now and is threatened by many enemies from around the world. Thankfully, God of War Ragnarok has a vast catalog of armor to choose from, be it through side quests, crafting, or defeating certain enemies for you. Different pieces of armor can also give Kratos strong bonuses that improve his fighting techniques and create new tactical options To make your work easier in sorting out the best armor for your upcoming battles here is a tier list of the best armor to use in God of War.

God of War Ragnarok Armor Tier List
God of War Ragnarok

Armor Sets Tier List in God of War Ragnarok

The armor in God of War Ragnarok is elevated in a brand-new fashion, offering bonuses and advantages in addition to damage protection. To choose the best armor for your battle against the villains here is a tier list of armor in God of War. If you are a mid-gamer or late-gamer, these are the best armor sets for you in God of War.

S Tier

Steinbjorn Armor God of War Ragnarok Tier List
Steinbjorn Armor

This tier list has the best weapons, and you can certainly choose any of these for your tough battles. It has great stats in each armor piece.

  • Steinbjorn Armor Set
  • Guiding Light Armor Set
  • Raven Tear Armor Set
  • Valkyrie armor set 
  • Brother’s Brand Vestment

A Tier

Radiance Armor
Radiance Armor

These armor sets have been considered best by their look and are decent for tough battles. It is often considered good enough for challenges like Boss Rush Challenge in under 1.5 minutes.

  • Radiance Armor Set
  • Surtr’s Scorched Armor Set
  • Dragon Scaled Armor
  • Vidar’s Pauldron of Might Armor Set
  • Aesir Uniform

B Tier

image 3854
God of War Ragnarok Armor Tier List - All Armors Ranked 6

This is an easy-level armor for you. It has the best punch nonstop sonic arrows for instant stuns. B Tier armor is flexible for any player with any type of gameplay and is considered to be a handy armor for realm shift mode in God of War.

  • Fallen Star Armor Set
  • Undying Pyre Armor Set,
  • Mani’s Armor of Wisdom Set
  • Fate Breaker Armor Set
  • Lunda’s Lost Armor Set
  • Giptumadr’s Armor Set
  • Armor of Enlightenment Set
  • Risen Snow Tunic
  • Survival Garb

C Tier

Nidavellier’s Armor God of War Ragnarok Tier List
Nidavellier’s Armor

It has a good chest armor piece. Any armor set would be useful for you from these if you are an early gamer in God of War.

  • Sol’s Armor of Courage Set
  • Nidavellier’s Armor Set
  • Darkdale Attire
  • Jotnar’s Champion Garb

About God of War Ragnarok

The theme of God of War is based on Norse Mythology. The first person to predict Ragnarök was the Jötunn Seeress Gróa, who accidentally witnessed a vision of the real events while looking through old books in her library for information that would help her in finding her missing husband Aurvandil. Ragnarock refers to the concept that predicts the ultimate battle, which sees the death of many gods, including Odin and Thor, and Atreus must conquer nearly significant barriers.

God of War Ragnarok’s best armor involves more than wearing parts that provide the most protection to you against enemies. Thus, this was all for the best-tier list of armor in God of War. We created this list on the basis of our research and the community ratings, thus you can explore the other armor sets according to your gameplay. Which of these is your favorite? make sure that you try all of them in your battles.

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