How to Beat Baron Zemo in Marvel Contest of Champions



Baron Zemo is one of the toughest opponents in Marvel Contest of Champions. Check our tips and tricks to defeat Baron Zemo in MCOC.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) is a mobile-based fighting game from Kabam featuring prominent Marvel heroes and antagonists. The entire story of MCOC takes place in the Marvel universe and it’s also based on the comics ‘Contest of Champions’. More than 200 Marvel heroes are available to summon with different abilities, moves, traits, classes, and special skills. The quest-based battles between the Marvel heroes have been the most favorite feature of this game. Every battle takes place in well-known MCU locations like Savage Land, Oscorp, Asgard, Wakanda, and More.

Every new quest rewards you with special Marvel skills and XP. Gold, units, and battlechips are all the primary in-game currencies from MCOC. You can team up with your friends to battle against other Marvel heroes. You can choose Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, and other popular Marvel heroes to battle against the mighty antagonists in the Marvel Contest of Champions. Baron Helmut Zemo is one of the dangerous antagonists in both the comics and the game. Here’s how to defeat Baron Zemo in MCOC.

Baron Zemo MCOC Challenge – Guide and Strategy

To defeat Baron Zemo, there are a lot of things you need to implement. Baron Zemo is an extremely powerful and dangerous villain in the world of MCOC. Baron Zemo boasts incredible powers and skills. The only way to defeat Baron Zemo is to know his weakness and counterattack. Baron Zemo has full HP at every level. With high attacking stats and other skills, it’s one of the most challenging tasks to defeat Zemo in MCOC.

Zemo comes out to the battle with a gun. Zemo’s gun can inflict massive damage, you need to utilize your hero’s passive ability and poison to avoid damage. Zemo’s bleeds can take you away in a second, use Wolverine Weapon or any other ranged weapon to deal with it. You need to have more special moves. Bleed, Power Steal, and Runic abilities can be utilized.

Baron Zemo Gameplay
Baron Zemo Gameplay

And for Defense, you can use the recovery Ability and for offense, cruelty can be used. Limber is an excellent pick for proficiency. Zemo has multiple indefinite bleeds and debuffs that can inflict heavy damage, and your attacks will also increase his HP and other powers. Zemo is extremely resistant against every move, you just need to utilize the best mastery and cast the poison spell to overcome his moves and win the battle. Zemo’s cleanses is another powerful skill that makes him resistant to your attacks. Your prowess and bleed resistance skills are the only options to stop his massive attacks. Use any hero who doesn’t have many debuffs, as Zemo is highly resistant against debuffed heroes.

Zemo’s medium attacks and spin combos are a possible threat, you need to use runic attacks and other moves to block his moves. Defeat Zemo by knowing his weakness, and use champions who boast high stats with the best poison ability in MCOC to win this challenging battle against Zemo. After defeating Baron Zemo, you can collect your rewards and unlock the other challenges in the Marvel Contest of Champions.

With this, our MCOC Baron Zemo challenge guide is done. We will be back with more Marvel Contest of Champions guides and updates soon.

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