How to beat Astranyx, the Dark Fae Boss in Raid Shadow Legends 


If you are facing difficulties to beat Astranyx, the Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends boss, then do not worry. The guide below will help you.

If you’re looking to conquer the Doom Tower in Raid Shadow Legends, you’ll eventually come face to face with Astranyx, the Dark Fae. As the final boss of Rotation 3, she only appears on levels 40, 80, and 120 on both Hard and Normal difficulties. 

Defeating this boss requires careful planning, strategic team building, and a good understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, we’ll provide tips and tricks to help you beat dark fae Raid Shadow Legends and emerge victorious from the Doom Tower.


Skills and Passive Abilities of Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends

As you already know, Astranyx, the Dark Fae is a boss in Doom Tower’s third rotation, appearing on levels 40, 80, and 120 on Hard and Normal difficulties. If you want to beat this boss then you must first learn about the skills she has. Learning her skills and passive abilities will give you an upper hand in the fight.

She has four skills, A1 Darklight Beams that damage all enemies and place a [Leech] debuff on each for 2 turns. A2 Dark Tendrils steals 1 random buff from each enemy and steals Turn Meter, with a chance to place a [True Fear] debuff, heal Astranyx, and increase her [Dark Energy] counter. A3 Faerie Storm attacks all enemies with increased damage for each living ally. A4 Dark Abduction banishes 1 enemy Champion and spawns a Mirror Copy of them onto Astranyx’s team, places a [Fear] debuff on all enemies, and increases Astranyx’s [Dark Energy] counter. 

Astranyx has four passive skills: 

  • Fae Mirror that spawns Mirror Copies of enemies onto Astranyx’s team and places [Perfect Veil] buff on Astrany. 
  • Almighty Immunity that makes her immune to several debuffs. 
  • Almighty Strength that limits damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP to 10% of her MAX HP. 
  • Finally, Almighty Persistence decreases Turn Meter reduction effects by 50% when used against the Boss.

How to Beat the Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends

Now that you know about the skills that Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends has, you can easily build a strategy to defeat her.

When facing Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends, the copies she spawns at the beginning and periodically throughout the fight can pose a significant challenge. One way to handle them is to use AOE turn meter control along with a strong AOE Nuker or an extra turn A1 Nuker like Septimus. Another option is to have a Freeze Champion go first so that your mirrored copy will freeze your team, while Dark Elhain triggers her passive and nukes the enemies.

In addition to dealing with the mirror copies, preventing Astranyx from taking a turn is crucial to defeating her. To accomplish this, you will need to use multiple Turn Meter controllers and Decrease Speed to slow her down.

It’s important to make sure all of your Cooldowns are available when you reach the boss. This requires manually playing the encounter or tuning your team to have abilities ready at the start of the boss fight, such as Lyssandra’s A3, which instantly drops the turn meter on all mirror copies.

Considerations for Team Composition and Stats

When facing Dark Fae Raid Shadow Legends, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding team composition and stats. Here are some key points:

Team Composition

Astranyx’s mirror copies can be tough to eliminate, so it’s important to have members of your team with high HP and Defense to survive their attacks. Make sure your team is speed tuned, or synchronized in terms of speed, so that your fastest Champion doesn’t get cut off by the enemy mirrors.

Alure is considered one of the best single-target turn meter controllers in the game, making her a valuable addition to your team for the Astranyx boss fight. With her ability to prevent the boss from taking turns, Alure can significantly increase your chances of success.

Hurndig is another great option for the Astranyx boss fight, as he can aid in turn meter control and quickly tear through the mirrors. He also provides important debuffs that can help your team during the fight.

Lyssandra not only brings turn meter control to the fight, but if she is the fastest Champion in your team, she can instantly drop the turn meter of the mirrors. This allows your team to quickly take their turn and take out the mirrors, making Lyssandra a valuable asset in the Astranyx boss fight.


Key stats to consider

Accuracy and speed are important stats to focus on in addition to HP and Defense. You may also want to add resistance to lessen the impact of Astranyx’s abilities, although this is not mandatory.

Rotation 3 – Normal and Hard

In Normal and Hard modes, you will face Astranyx on floors 40, 80, and 120. For Normal mode, aim for a speed of 190+, accuracy of 125+, and resistance of 225+. For Hard mode, aim for a speed of 250+, accuracy of 355+, and resistance of 375+. Depending on your chosen strategy, make sure you have at least 30k HP and 2800 Defense for Normal mode and at least 50k HP and 3500 Defense for Hard mode.

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