How to Beat Ancano in Skyrim – Tips and Tricks


Ancano is one of the powerful Magi who stays in the College of Winterhold. Wondering how to defeat this boss in Skyrim? We got you covered with our Ancano Skyrim guide.

Ancano is the last and the final opponent you will face in the Eye of Magnus quest. In this quest, Ancano has conquered an entire college and is plotting to use the power of the Eye of Magnus which is an ancient artifact that can fulfill anyone’s wish. Ancano wants to use this power for his evil goals against the world of Skyrim. You will need the staff of Magnus to defeat Ancano in Skyrim. Now let’s see a detailed procedure of how to defeat him.

Ancano Skyrim
Ancano in Skyrim

Where to find the Staff of Magnus?

First things first as mentioned above you will need the staff of Magnus to defeat Ancano in Skyrim, so let’s first see how to find this staff.

Staff of Magnus
Staff of Magnus

Follow the route as mentioned here:

Head to  Labyrinthian

Start from the city of Morthal and take the south road and turn the east. Keep walking on this road and turn in the first corner that leads to the south. Continue on this road and you will find the entrance to …

Kill Morokei

When you enter the chamber you will find a dragon priest named Morokei who has a staff called the Staff of Magnus. Now to earn the sword you must kill this priest. You can do so by using a bow and arrows, and magic spells which can be proved to be very useful against him. Dodge the shock spells that he cast at you as they can give severe damage.

Retrieve the Staaf

When Morokei is destroyed, go to his ashes and search them for his mask and the Staff of Magnus.

Go back to winter hold

After defeating Morokei you will find a door inside Tribune that takes you back to the outside world. Head through this door and go outside and take the northeastern road from there

How to Beat Ancano in Skyrim

Eye of Magnus
Eye of Magnus

Now comes the challenging part. Now you have to defeat Argano using this staff. Let’s see how to do this.

Head to the college

After arriving in Winterhold, you will encounter a strong gust of wind breezing across the courtyard giving you a gloomy vibe. This would slow down your momentum. Now is the time you equip the staff of Magnus and point in the air by pressing the attack button on your controller. This will help you clear the gust of wind and you will now be able to enter college.

Look for Ancano

Look for the largest tower in the area The Hall of Elements. You will find Ancano casting spells at the Eye of Magnus. A new character will show up at this point called Tolfidr and he will talk to Ancano. Wait for fir their conversation to get over and for Ancano to attack Toldir.

Shut The Eye of Magnus

Use your Staff to point it toward the Eye of Magnus sphere. This will lead to the sphere slowly shutting down and reducing its power. Till the sphere is closed completely keep pointing your staff to it.

Note: Do not attack Ancano until the Eye of Magnus is fully closed as Ancano is at his peak power with the sphere open.

Kill Anacano

Once the Eye of Magnus is fully closed you can attack Ancano with your full power using any weapon or spell.

Tips to keep in mind:

  •  Ancano may make an attempt to reopen the Eye of Magnus, rendering him immune once more.
  • Use your Staff as mentioned above until the sphere closes and Ancano starts to sustain damage.
  • Any fire-type spell you’ve mastered in the earlier parts of the game will work against Ancano.
  • To continue the quest after Ancano has passed away, speak with Tolfdir, who is now awake.

This is all you need to do to defeat Anacano in Skyrim. So what are you waiting for pick up your Staff of Magnus and go defeat Ancano to win your final battle in Skyrim? All the best for your battle.

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