How is Hakari’s domain rigged? Jujutsu Kaisen theory proves the same


How is Hakari’s domain rigged? All you should know is how Hakari’s domain is rigged, and the Jujutsu Kaisen theory proves the same.

In the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, fans are introduced to Kinji Hakari fighting Urame alone, while the other Jujutsu Sorcerers are involved in fighting with Ryomen Sukuna.

There is a theory that Hakari fighting is dangerous, but there is a twist. In the twist, fans are preoccupied with how Hakari’s domain expansion is going to turn out in his favor.

Here is everything you should know about Hakari’s domain being rigged, and learn all about it.

How is Hakari’s domain rigged?

Kinji Hakari is a third-year student who goes to Tokyo Jujutsu High, and he was suspended after he got into a clash with the authorities.

Apart from going to school, he ran the Gachinko Fight Club, wherein hand-to-hand fights were held for money.

Let us learn about Kinji Hakari’s domain expansion, which is known as the death gamble. In the domain gamble, there is an environment wherein a train station hosts a game of chance.

Kinji aims to hit the jackpot, which is a line-up of three numbers, and it is extremely rare to do so.

Another aspect of hitting the jackpot is that Hkari will receive unlimited cursed energy for 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

His body will also get to heal his injuries through the reverse-cursed technique. Hakari will also be unkillable for the duration of its effects.

There have been theories made by fans that Kinji Hakari’s domain expansion is not based on luck but is set up for him to hit the jackpot.

It is evidenced that his entire domain acts as a casino to make its ultimate win. The rules that have been stated also indicate that there are 1/239 chances of hitting a jackpot.

Also, upon hitting the chance booster, there was a chance of him hitting the jackpot by about 75 percent.

Conclusion – How is Hakari’s domain rigged?

How is Hakari’s domain rigged? Kinji Hakari was determined to win, and even if he was on the verge of failing, there were many plans to make him win. The Idle Death Gamble is an attempt to make sure that Kinji Hakari wins the jackpot regardless of the obstacles coming his way.

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