Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the best players in the NBA currently, but his father’s death had a significant impact on the Bucks star’s life.

Everyone quickly learned two things about the young Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo as he developed in front of the NBA: first, he worked hard; and second, nothing was more important than family. As a result, when Charles Antetokounmpo passed away in 2017, Giannis blended the two skills he possessed best. He went to the Bucks’ practice facility to vent his anger.

How did Charles Antetokounmpo die?

At the age of 54, Charles Antetokounmpo passed away suddenly after a heart attack in September 2017. Giannis was close to his father, and the aspiring NBA player was already aware of the struggles they had to through for him to even have the ambition of playing in the NBA.

The ‘Greek Freak’ described to GQ’s Zach Baron how he felt after the death of his father. According to Baron, Giannis Antetokounmpo stated, “I went to the gym.  He accompanied me there. He claimed that his parents had taught him to keep moving. Do not stop.”  Giannis remarked, “I try not to get hurt because I feel that anytime my parents felt hurt, they never showed it.”

Giannis found a quiet spot in a very noisy arena to sit and chat to his father just after the bell rang (after the NBA Finals in 2017): “Man, we’ve gone a long way. I wish you could see this in person. Watch me, please. You realize?”

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Maverick and Liam Charles, Antetokounmpo’s kids, are both athletes. Part of Liam’s name is devoted to his father. He is the first to admit that he spends most of his time either at work (which occurs frequently) or at home with his family.

Giannis Antetokounmpo still maintains a strong relationship with his brothers despite all the fame and honors. His teammate in Milwaukee is his older brother Thanasis. Kostas, the younger brother, won the NBA title in 2018 while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. His brothers are Alex and Francis as well.

Three years prior to the birth of Giannis, in 1991, Charles Antetokounmpo travelled from Nigeria to Greece. His wife, Veronica, was a high jumper, and he was a former Nigerian soccer player.

A report in The National Herald stated that Charles Antekounoumpo, who had spent the last several years residing in Milwaukee, passed away at home. In his younger years, he played football professionally in Nigeria.

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