Honkai Star Rail Luocha Build – Light Cones, Relics, and Abilities


Honkai Star Rail Luocha is capable of dealing extensive damage while also healing your enemies. To make him reach his full potential you ought to equip the right build for him.

Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail

Honaki Star Rail is all set to roll out a new robust of characters for players to choose from. With its 1.1 version update being around the corner friends are expecting many new characters to make an appearance in The RPG title of Hoyoverse Honaki Star Rail.

Lupcha’s ability to give imaginary and True damage makes him stand out from the rest of the healing characters. His healing ability may not be as prominent as others in his class but he has a divorce range of attacks that compensate for his weaknesses.

Luocha synergizes with Blade so you should put them together on the same team if it’s possible. Without his imaginary damage power, he is merely useless. He is supposedly going to be a Time Limited character and one of the first post-launch units to release in the game.

How to get Loucha in Honkai Star Rail?

Ahead of his debut in the game, Luocha is expected to make his appearance in version 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail which is set to be released on June 7th,2023. According to the various rumors and weeks, he will be making his appearance alongside Silver Wolf who will also get a banner feature in the game. Luocha is said to be a 5 Star unit character that will be around for a limited time. If you also eyeing to get this five-star rated character you ought to wait till the release of the 1.1 version of the game.

Given that he is a five-star unit character it is most likely that he might as well get a trailer office featuring his abilities and what he has to offer to the storyline.l

Luocha specializes in removing debuffs from allies which is an important skill of his to note. He does not require much energy regeneration in his field as his traces solve the energy problems without equipping any additional gears.

Best Light Cone for Luocha

honkai star rail luocha 2
Light Cone for Luocha

Echoes of the Coffin: the best light cone for Luocha is the Echoes of the Coffin in Honaki Star Rail. This light cone offers buffs for his entire team and is one of the best support light cones available.

It increases the ATK of the wearer by 20%. After the wearer uses the ultimate skill all the team members gain 16 speeds for one turn. After each attack, you can recover energy of a maximum of three times.

Shared feeling

This increases the wearer’s outgoing healing by 12%. When you use this game it regenerates energy for allies.

These are the best two light cones that you can use for Luocha in Honaki Star Rail. Luocha’s healing scales with his attack so you need to get some attack stats on your Relics to improve this healing powers. If you are wondering which relic to equip do not worry we got you covered with the list of the best relics you can choose from.

The stats for building Luocha are attacked, you can go for an outgoing boost as well, and an imaginary damage bonus. When you have enough stats to maximize his healing buff you can go for more offensive advanced stats like Crit rate and Crit damage

Luocha’s abilities

Luocha's abilities
Luocha’s abilities

Luocha in Honkai Star Rail has a unique passive that allows him to be immune to one-shot mechanics. This means that if you are against a tough enemy Luocha’s abiltìes can easily absorb powerful attacks without dying.

Basic Attack

This ability deals imaginary DMG equal to 50% of his ATK to a single enemy.


After utilizing his Skill, immediately restore a single ally’s HP equal to 48% of Luocha’s ATK plus 160. Meanwhile, Luocha gains 1 stack of Abyss Flower. When an ally’s HP falls below 50%, Luocha will use his Skill 1 time on this ally (without using Skill Points). This effect can be triggered again if the requirements are met after Luocha takes action 2 more times.


Dispels 1 opponent boost and deals Imaginary DMG to all opponents equal to 80% of Luocha’s ATK. Luocha gets 1 stack of Abyss Flower for every enemy boost removed.


Luocha takes all stacks when Abyss Flower gathers three times against the opponent. When an ally attacks a rival in the Field, the ally quickly heals HP equal to 15% of Luocha’s ATK + 50. The Field effect lasts for two turns.

  • Trace 1 Luocha’s Skill eliminates one or more debuffs from the target ally.
  • Trace 2 Luocha regenerates 10 Energy after using his Ultimate.
  • Trace 3 DMG from a single attack cannot be more than 80% of his Max HP.

Who is Luocha in Honkai Star Rail?

Luocha in Honkai Star Rail
Luocha in Honkai Star Rail

Luocha is an upcoming 5- Star unit playable character in Honkai Star Rail. According to the storyline, he is a foreign trader who comes across from beyond the seas and he appears on the Xianzhou Luofu with a high coffin. He has great healing skills and has the ability to carry the entire team with his healing power at times of danger.

As a merchant, he registered at the Xianzhou Yuque within the Alliance and jn the Star Unity Mall branch at the North Valley Star.

As of now, this is everything to know about Luocha. It is most likely that you will make his appearance in version 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail. We will keep you updated and there are more updates about this character.

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