Hikaru Shida is ecstatic after featuring on Google post Double or Nothing


Hikaru Shida is ecstatic after featuring on Google

AEW superstar Hikaru Shida took to Twitter to show her happiness for trending on Google after Double or Nothing.

AEW Double Or Nothing was a night of memorable moments and great matches. It also featured three title matches. The inaugural TNT Champion was crowned. It seems one of the other championships changed hands as Hikaru Shida won the AEW Women’s World Title.

Nyla Rose defended her AEW Women’s World Title against Hikaru Shida in a No Disqualification match at AEW Double Or Nothing. Shida was the underdog in the match as she had to overcome insurmountable odds in the form of Nyla Rose.

Hikaru Shida celebrates after winning the AEW Women's title
Hikaru Shida celebrates after winning the AEW Women’s title (Twitter)

It was an intense match where both competitors gave it their all in order to come out on top. Towards the end of the match, Shida hit Nyla Rose with a kendo stick before hitting a devastating running knee. She managed to get the three count after that. Thus, Hikaru Shida became the new AEW Women’s World Champion.

She became the third AEW Women’s World Champion in history.

Shida shows off injury

AEW Double Or Nothing was a newsworthy night of pro wrestling action. The first-ever TNT Champion was crowned and Hikaru Shida finally toppled Nyla Rose and became the AEW Women’s World Champion. Shida took quite a beating at the hands of the Native Beast.

Hikaru Shida suffered several kendo stick shots from Nyla Rose. Her back showed the damage after everything was said and done. Shida is the new AEW Women’s World Champion, but she has the marks to prove it.

Hikaru Shida's injured back
Hikaru Shida shares some of her war marks from the clash (Twitter)

Hopefully, Hikaru Shida can heal up fast because she could have another AEW Women’s Title defense coming up. Nyla Rose will likely want another crack at that title soon.

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