Genshin Impact Dori Leaks – Abilities, Passive, and more


Want to know about Dori’s abilities and other skills? The Genshin Impact Dori Leaks will give you some details before the character has been officially released. 

She is a young girl equipped with a Genie Lamp. Dori’s overall design is somewhat reminiscent of that of Aladdin, but she is mysterious. In addition to being a Traveling Merchant, Dori Sange, the second Claymore Electro character, can restore the HP and Energy with the help of the Spirit Lamp. There’ve been new leaks showing a lot about Dori, an Electro traveling merchant. She bears the same height as another Claymore character named Sayu, who also happens to be a traveling merchant. 

It has been confirmed that Dori will be a 4-star Electro Claymore character who will debut in the upcoming Sumeru update. Reliable leaker Genshinmain revealed for the first time Dori’s passive skills and abilities. As players read through these descriptions, they will gain a deeper understanding of Dori’s kit, her role in the party, and how beneficial she can be after she has been released. To know about the Genshin Impact Dori leaks, read below.

Genshin Impact Dori Leaks: Abilities

Elemental Skill (E)

While many characters in Genshin Impact, such as Xiangling or Lisa, can summon weapons that can deal damage to the enemies. Dori’s Elemental Skill is one of the most unique. She is the first character in the game to summon a turret. 

The summoned turret is reportedly capable of shooting at enemies and dealing with Electro DMG to them, but it can also track them and provide additional Electro DMG to them when they are hit with “after-sales service” bullets.

Elemental Burst (Q)

With her Elemental Burst, Dori is also capable of healing off-field. Unlike Kuki Shinobu, who is also an Electro healer, Dori can also heal active characters without sacrificing any health. Dori will summon the Spirit of the Lamp when she casts her Elemental Burst. The Spirit of the Lamp will heal and recharge the health of active characters so that they can activate their Elemental Burst quickly.

The connection between the Spirit and the active character can be seen and touched by enemies when the Spirit and the active character are connected. When touched by an enemy, the connection between the Spirit and the active character will do Electro DMG damage.

Passive Talent

Any time Dori is used to crafting ascension materials for characters or weapons, there is a 25% chance she can refund the ascension material used. This is a very useful talent keeping in mind that the resources are limited in the game.

Genshin Impact Dori Leaks
Genshin Impact Dori

Genshin Impact Dori Release Date

She is one of two new 4-star characters in Genshin Impact 3.0 along with Collei. Dori will make her debut during Genshin Impact 3.0 on August 24, 2022.

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