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Do you know what the Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction is? If not then do not worry, our guide will give you all the important details.

HoYoverse created the open-world action RPG Genshin Impact, which has attracted players all over the world with its engaging story, beautiful environments, and diverse cast of characters. The complex elemental system is one of the game’s many unique features. It is a key part of how battles work. The Dendro element, which was added in Version 3.0, has changed how teams are put together and given the game more strategic meaning. 

Aggravate is one of Dendro’s most powerful elemental effects. It boosts Electro damage and lets characters who focus on Electro reach new levels of power. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction. We will tell you what it is, how to use it, and the best teams for it, so read this guide till the end.

The combination reaction
The combination reaction

What is Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction?

When Electro is given to an enemy affected by the Quicken aura, an elemental reaction called Aggravate takes place. By using Dendro on an enemy, you can make this aura, which makes them vulnerable to Electro-based responses. As soon as Aggravate is used, the next Electro attack the player makes against an enemy will do a lot more damage, depending on how good they are at controlling elements.

How to deal more damage with Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction?

To effectively use Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction and unleash the full potential of Electro characters, carefully consider character pairings and equipment choices.

Character Pairings

When putting together an Aggravate team, the Electro applicator, and the Dendro applicator are the two most important tasks to focus on. The Electro applicator needs to have a high Elemental Mastery stat and apply Electro consistently, while the Dendro applicator should focus on keeping the Quicken aura on their enemies.

Equipment Strategies

It is highly suggested that you use items from the Thundering Fury set with the Electro applicator. This set makes Electro damage much stronger and the Aggravate response stronger. Also, weapons like Kagura’s Verity and the Sacrificial Fragments that boost Elemental Mastery are good picks.

The Deepwood Memories artifact set is a good choice for the Dendro application because it lowers Dendro RES and boosts Spread reactions. You could also use the Gilded Dreams set, which improves Elemental Mastery, or the Noblesse Oblige set, which increases the team’s ATK.


Team Compositions for Aggravate Reaction

Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction teams excel in both single-target and multi-target scenarios. Here are two effective team compositions that showcase the versatility of Aggravate:

RoleSingle-Target Aggravate TeamMulti-Target Aggravate Team
Electro ApplicatorYae Miko, FischlRaiden Shogun, Beidou
Dendro ApplicatorTignari, ColleiTignari, Collei
SupportXingqiu, BennettSucrose, Fischl

You can check the table below as an example:

ElementApplication Example
ElectroYae Miko’s Elemental Skill, Fischl’s Oz
DendroTignari’s Charged Attacks, Collei’s Elemental Burst
SupportXingqiu’s Elemental Burst for consistent Hydro application, Bennett’s Elemental Burst for ATK buff and healing
SupportSucrose’s Elemental Burst for Elemental Mastery buff and crowd control, Fischl’s Oz for consistent Electro application


Take down multiple enemies
Take down multiple enemies

Genshin Impact Aggravate Reaction has become an important part of the game, giving Electro characters new life and making the gameplay more interesting. Players can release the full power of Aggravate and take over the battlefield with electrifying force if they understand how it works, pair their characters in the best way, and choose the right gear. Check out the Genshin Impact Wriothesley Build.


How does the Quicken Aura Work with Aggravate?

The Quicken aura is created by applying Dendro to an enemy, making them susceptible to Electro-based reactions. When Electro is subsequently applied to a target with the Quicken aura, it triggers the Aggravate Reaction, amplifying the damage of the next Electro attack.

How Does Aggravate Impact the Gameplay Dynamics of Genshin Impact?

Aggravate introduces a transformative element to Genshin Impact, revitalizing Electro characters and adding excitement to the gameplay. Mastering its mechanics allows players to dominate the battlefield with an electrifying force.

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