NBA superstar Kevin Durant is quite active on social media but he too can spiral out of control at times.

Without a question, one of the finest NBA players in the world is Kevin Durant. He is the undisputed commander of the Brooklyn Nets and a superstar who is performing at a high level. However, even celebrities have their shortcomings.

Due to his dry/ashy ankle skin, many NBA fans have made fun of Kevin Durant in the past, with some even urging him to use lotion. In response to the internet criticism, Kevin Durant joked with everyone that he would use the “y’all broke” card on anyone making fun of him. Following that, NBA supporters responded to Durant’s Tweet.

When reacting to comments about his dry skin, Kevin Durant, who enjoys being active on Twitter, mockingly chose the “LeBron approach,” writing in a tweet, “I’m bouta pull my ‘y’all broke’ card in a second. F*ck you all.”

Now, we’re unsure if Durant has a skin ailment or simply forgot to apply lotion. Cleveland had a chilly climate. But you already know that jokes on Twitter will fly around like Russell Westbrook’s basketball shots. Black people don’t crack unless they’re Kevin Durant, whose disrespectfully ashy legs caused hilarious havoc on the internet. Durant doesn’t appear to have ever used lotion.

Durant enjoys connecting with fans on social media

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Hopefully, going ahead, Kevin Durant will be able to care for his dry/ashy skin. Although dry skin is obviously not unusual, it is typically a good idea to moisturize and maintain healthy skin.

Although Kevin Durant was widely mocked by fans, he obviously has a sense of humor. On Twitter, Durant is well known for often connecting with NBA fans. He has even participated in Twitter Spaces, where he spoke with fans in person. In the past, Durant has said that he doesn’t see anything wrong with connecting with fans, even saying that it ought to be encouraged.

Kevin Durant is undoubtedly adept at using social media. The current world includes social media, and Kevin Durant uses it to engage with people. He may use it anyway he wants; there is nothing wrong with it.

Kevin Durant’s objective for this year—outside of posting clap backs on social media—is probably to help the Brooklyn Nets win a championship. He has been performing at a high level and is a front-runner for the MVP award. We’ll have to wait and watch how the Nets play in the future, but with Durant in charge, they’ll always have a shot at the championship.

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