Fish Kingdom Tier List – All Characters Ranked (June 2023)


Make a splash in the Fish Kingdom with our expertly curated tier list – assess the power and potential of each character and dominate the underwater domain.

Fish Kingdom gameplay

Enter the world of Fish people and their kingdoms to know them. The Fish Kingdom is a unique game that features Fish people as your characters in the game. Imagine fish growing arms and legs like humans and defending themselves against anyone who has them. Fish Kingdom gave you a chance to put up your fighting skills to test and become the most successful fisherman in the industry of scanning fish. In this game fish markets become battlegrounds and the windy fisherman who is allowed to be selfish will be the most skilled fighter in the game.

There are many fishes in the game that switch sides and assist you in fighting other factions. Indeed you need to have the most powerful fish on your side to win any better against your opponents. You have to have the most powerful one to your side and side fishes with diverse powers and mythological sea monsters that come to stop you. There are PVE battles and also PVP batteries in which you can steal other players’ spots and increase your profits.

Given that you have so many characters in The Fish World that you can choose from it could be difficult to choose the best ones out of the vast catalog of characters. It’s time to assemble your aquatic Army with fish heroes and win the game.

Here is a list of all the characters in a rank order that you can choose from according to your own gameplay. The game has good graphics and anime-style gaming.

As you have to start your Canning business even I have to fight alone by typing on the screen constantly. It comes with a rapid file in which you have to fight opponents quite aggressively. You get some fish fin lots when you start the game to fight with you but these fishes are not enough to help you get through the game so you have to choose the best thing Lords in the game.

Fish Kingdom Tier List

Here is a list of all the best characters in the Fish Kingdom in ranked order.

S Tier

This tier consists of the best characters in the game. If you can get one of these it would give an amazing experience in your team. We suggest that you came to get one of these.

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S Tier
  • Cao Ren
  • Gonsung Zan
  • Guan Yu
  • Guo Jia
  • Hua Tuo
  • Huand Yueying
  • Jia Xu
  • Jiang Wei
  • Lu Bu
  • Sima Yi
  • Sun Ce
  • Sun Jian
  • Taishi Ci
  • Zhen Ji
  • Zhou Yu
  • Zhuge Liang

A Tier

These characters prove to be best companions and will be a great addition to your character lineup in the game. They might not be as powerful as the S tier as characters but they are definitely good enough. They can prove to be a backup for your A tier characters.

A Tier Fish Kingdom Tier List
A Tier
  • Cai Wenji
  • Dian Wei
  • Dong Zhuo
  • Gan Ning
  • Huang Gai
  • Huang Zhong
  • Lady Zhurong
  • Lu Meng
  • Lu Xun
  • LuSu
  • Ma Chao
  • Ma Dai
  • Meng Huo
  • Pang Tong
  • Wei Yan
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Xiahou Yuan
  • Xiao Qiao
  • Xu Huang
  • Xun Yu
  • Zhang Fei
  • Zhang Jiao
  • Zhang Liao
  • Zhao Yun

B Tier

The characters in this year are solid characters and can be kept as a backup option. They won’t be weak in your gameplay but it’s best to swap the amount if you have something better. However, they are not ideal for strong gameplay or putting up against strong enemies.

B Tier Fish Kingdom Tier List
B Tier
  • Cheng Pu
  • Guan Ping
  • Guan Yinping
  • Ju Jin
  • Lu Lingqi
  • Pan Feng
  • Wen Chou
  • Xing Daorong
  • Xu Chu
  • Xu Yun
  • Yan Liang
  • Zhang Xincai
  • Zhou Tai

C Tier

This year is nearly useless and won’t be any help to you.

C tier
C tier
  • There are no C-tier characters as of now. We will keep you updated when there are more characters in this tier.

D Tier

These characters are not at all useful to you. It’s better not to consider them as they cannot be suitable for any kind of gameplay. Given their weak strength they rank the lowest in our tier list of fish Kingdom.

D Tier Fish Kingdom Tier List
D Tier
  • There are no D-tier characters as of now, we will keep you updated when there are characters in the game.

Fish Kingdom classes

Fish Kingdom Classes

There are five different categories of FinLords which are Tank Warrior, Mage, Archers, and Thief. These classes in Fish Kingdom are basically the types of Fish under different categories that could serve their purpose in the battle by providing their unique abilities. Here is a list of all the classes, along with a brief of what they are capable of.

  • Tanks: These are positioned at the front row and could absorb damage and will give your squad survival.
  • Warriors: You can deploy these fin Lords anywhere and they will offer you protection similar to that of tank class. They have minor defensive skills and come with more damage 10 the tanks so they can be used to give out more damage without having to compromise on your team’s capacity to serve.
  • Mage: Mage’s qualities are similar to those of support. They work well at causing AOE damage and should be positioned in the back row. They will grant your opponent debuffs or duration of time effects.
  • Archers: they have the lowest differences abilities so you should only use them in the back row. They give out good AOE damage and the majority of them provide stun, bleeding, or attack-down debuffs while. powering up each round.
  • THIEF: these will target the unit which gives more damag4 and can stun or poison opponents for two wounds to eliminate significant characters in the front row. You have to keep in mind when choosing any class for your team considering their skills. Some Finlords are the same types of debuffs on enemies, which may seem like it could double the damage. Instead, one Fishlord’s debuff will replace the others without running its full duration.

Thus having the same type of Finlords that provide the same effect is not worth your time. Learn about their skills and try to pick Finlords whose skills complement each other in Fish Kingdom.

That is everything to know about the tier list of the Fish Kingdom along with different Finlords that you can use from the above-given list that’s ranked in order along with the different classes that you can equip according to your gameplay.

We have created our tier list of Fish Kingdom on the basis of decent and community feedback. However, you can have your own taste of preference according to your own gameplay the characters in the tier list keep changing quite frequently and we will keep you updated when there are any changes in the character rankings of Fish Kingdom.

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