How to Find Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded?



Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded is used to upgrade your base. Find the location and steps to unlock this equipment.

Enshrouded is a crafting and survival adventure. Here, your role as an explorer is to find the ancient magic spells and secrets to defeat the evil force out of the Embervale. You can explore the realm of Embervale with friends through the game’s co-op multiplayer mode. After the initial phase, you will be allowed to build your first base in the Embervale.

In your base, you can add new staff and recruit equipment and materials. This helps you strengthen your defense and you can defeat enemies from the other parts of the shroud. The first base is your Flame Altar and this can be upgraded with materials. You have to procure charcoal, wood, wax, salt and more items to craft the required items for embers.

Through the building mode, you can assign tasks to staff and complete crafting as well. To upgrade the flame altar in Enshrouded, the Scavenger Matron Head is an essential item. This is available in the Hill of Scavengers near camps. You have to defeat the Scavenger Gorger Matron boss at the camp site to unlock the Head equipment as a drop. Here’s how you can find and unlock the Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded.

Scavenger matron head in Enshrouded

Steps to Get the Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded

To get the Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded, you have to reach the camp in Hill of Scavengers. You can access this easily from the Ancient Vault or Springlands. The Scavenger Matron boss will wander outside the site. You can enter from the back door entrance of the camp and find her near the tunnels and kickstart the challenge. 

You can use a crossbow or axe to launch your attacks on the Scavenger boss. Bows with wooden arrows will launch heavy attacks on Gorger Matron and you can attack from long-range. Go with this strategy and defeat the boss. While defeating the Scavenger boss, you can also complete the Alchemist’s Rumors quest and get rewards like Improved Grappling Hook. The carpenter at the site will craft this tool for you.

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Weapons with magic will also be effective against the Scavenger Gorger Matron boss. The boss will unleash poison attacks and you can counter them with arrows. Once you defeat her, you can obtain the Scavenger Matron Head. The head part can be used to craft plenty of resources and recipes in Enshrouded.

Upgrading the Flame Altar base requires a plethora of materials and the Scavenger Head is one among them. With higher base levels, you can explore the depths of Shroud and Embervale realms.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and obtaining the Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

How to Get Healing Items in Enshrouded?

You have to craft healing items in Enshrouded by finding the required materials in the Shroud. Potions and Food items are the best healing consumables in the game. Explore the wild regions of Embervale, defeat enemies and open treasure chests to get these healing resources.

Which is the best melee weapon in Enshrouded?

Guillotine is one of the best melee weapons to use in Enshrouded. It deals more than 130 dps and will be effective against beasts in Embervale. Defeat elite bosses and explore realms and open treasure chests to collect Guillotine weapon. Guillotine has high durability and is effective in long-range combat.

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