“The McLaren store sucks” – Fans react to McLaren shipping Oscar Piastri T-shirts under the name of Daniel Ricciardo

Fans were left fuming with McLaren’s unprofessionalism after finding that Oscar Piastri’s T-shirts were sold under Daniel Ricciardo’s name.

McLaren had terminated Daniel Ricciardo‘s contract at the end of last season, but the team doesn’t seem to have got over him yet. A picture shared by a fan on social media shows that McLaren had shipped Oscar Piastri’s merchandise, but the receipt has Daniel Ricciardo’s name as the product code.

It is quite bizarre given that the team has brought in Oscar Piastri to replace Ricciardo while the veteran Australian has moved on to Red Bull as a reserve driver for the 2023 season.

Oscar Piastri T-Shirt
Oscar Piastri’s T-Shirts being sold under Daniel Ricciardo’s name, Credits: Reddit

It is important to note that McLaren hadn’t stopped selling Ricciardo merchandise even after the contract termination was made official.

However, this particular error seems to be a careless one and you wouldn’t expect it from a professional F1 team. The picture has gone viral on the internet in no time and McLaren has received considerable flak from users on social media.

Fans react to McLaren’s unprofessionalism on social media

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“I’ve had nothing but bad experience from mclaren f1 store. Pure frustration and still awaiting a resolution. They just give generic email replies without actually reading them as they don’t even address the issue”, wrote a fan.

“The McLaren store sucks. Charged for duties and never paid them. Did not respond to emails”, commented another fan, who has had a similar bad experience.

“Mostly likely it’s the same product code/internal index code and it’s an automated process”, read a comment from a fan who tried to explain the possible reason for the error.

“From what I’ve seen McLaren’s F1 car is shit, the aftersales of their road cars is shit, and their merchandise is shit. There’s literally not one thing they’re good at. Without Zak’s “commercial acumen” they should’ve gone broke a long time ago”, commented another fan.

Another fan wrote: “Some programmer forgot to update some variable, or didn’t know they were supposed to because they don’t actually watch F1.”

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