The 2020 F1 season finale had a lot of emotion running through the paddock with several racers showing off their helmet designs

The final race of a crazy F1 season is upon us in Abu Dhabi. A season which saw a lot of races get cancelled due to Covid-19 still saw a fantastic season with Lewis Hamilton winning another title.

There still was a lot of fun after the top two places with many stars getting their first podiums and even wins.

George Russell also had a great helmet design for Abu Dhabi
George Russell paid tribute to the Williams team with his helmet design (Twitter)

Pierre Gasly, Alexander Albon and Lando Norris were some of the youngsters celebrating on the podium while Sergio Perez was also a great winner last week.

However, the final race of the season also sees some incredible helmet designs by F1 stars. Some of them have been thanks to Norris, who has put on some spectacular designs but others have carried a huge message for the final race of the season.

George Russell, who had a roller-coaster of a race in Bahrain last week, kicked things off with a tribute to Frank and Claire Williams.

His helmet thanked both the heads of the Williams team before they were set to be rebranded next year.

Williams then added that this was inspired by the original Frank Williams Racing Cars logo and it seemed to be a perfect tribute to the pair.

A sight for everyone

Roman Grosjean was another story from a couple of weeks back. The Haas driver was rescued from a crazy fireball after a horrible crash but was unable to drive in the final race of the season.

Grosjean only suffered burns to his hands and feet but he was still not cleared to race. The Frenchman had some great plans for his final race with the team too and had picked up a helmet design which was made by his children:

There was another great moment in the paddock as the Schumacher name was back in the races. Mick, the son of legendary F1 champion, Michael, was testing with Haas and is to drive full-time next year.

Daniil Kvyat, who has had a bit of a mixed season, also brought out a special helmet design for the final race of the 2020 F1 season:

Lewis Hamilton, who missed the last race after testing positive for Covid, was also back in the paddock.

However, he didn’t share his helmet design but still brought a lot of style on the track.

The Yas Marina circuit has had some incredible races over the years and hopefully, we get another cracking one soon.

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