Ryanair Twitter admin’s humorous reply to a fan has gone viral and made F1 fans burst into peels of laughter

Ryanair is an Irish airline that is known for providing cost-effective flights to its passengers. The airline’s Twitter handle tweeted sarcastically on the Alpine-Piastri saga – “Alpine 🤝 Ryanair Random Seat Allocation” and received a humorous reply from an F1 fan, who wrote – “But can you pay to choose your seat?“. Raynair then came up with the tweet of the day – “Just like Lance Stroll”, clearly taking a dig at the current Aston Martin driver.

Lance Stroll is a Canadian-Belgian racing driver competing under the Canadian flag in Formula One for Aston Martin. The team is partly owned by his father and Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll. Despite being a part of F1 since 2017, Stroll hasn’t been able to establish himself properly yeh and lacks consistency which has often raised questions if he deserves an F1 seat or does he just get to drive because his father is the co-owner of the team.

Fans react to Raynair’s dig at Lance Stroll on Twitter

Raynair’s Lance Stroll reference has certainly made them popular among F1 fans, at least on Twitter. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting reactions.

“You heard it here first Daddy Stroll buying Ryanair just to fire a twitter person”, joked a fan.

“@MattyWTF1 ngl, I think Ryanair should win the Social Media Championship this year…”, tweeted another fan.

“Tweet of the year”, wrote another fan, who clearly found the tweet really hilarious.

“🤣🤣🤣 This guy just performed an epic burn”, tweeted another fan, on similar terms.


“you sir , have secured your position as my favourite airline from now on!”, tweeted another fan.

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