Hamilton put up a video on Twitter to wish Nicholas a happy 30th birthday

Lewis Hamilton tweeted a video of the brothers dancing together to wish Nicholas on his 30th birthday. Nicholas Hamilton is the paternal half-brother of the 7-time World Champion. Nicholas is a professional racing driver as well and currently competes in the British Touring Car championship. The 30-year old suffers from cerebral palsy and races with a specially-modified car.

Lewis Hamilton brother
Source: Mirror.co.uk

Lewis Hamilton has always been fond of his younger brother and Nicholas is often seen attending his brother’s races to support him. The two brothers share a close relationship and are very supportive of each other.

Fans react to Lewis Hamilton’s video on Twitter

Fans across the globe love the sweet relationship that the Hamilton brothers share. The video of both the brothers showing off their moves together sent viral in no time. Fans and Twitter users were quick to convey their best wishes and regards on the occasion of Nicholas’ birthday.

A fan echoed similar sentiments as Hamilton, expressing the joy of getting a younger brother. “I remember the same words that I said to my father also and then I got my brother. The best moment of my life. Love you Lewis. I hope the best”, tweeted the fan.

A twitter user was overwhelmed by the camaraderie and bond shared by the two brothers. “What a great scene from your bro’s birthday bash. Hope @nicolashamilton had a great 30th birthday! As a mum of two great sons myself, I love to see the love you two have for each other. Never lose that”, she wrote.

Fans were really impressed by the dance moves on display from the brothers. “Damn dude…..the moves!!”, tweeted a fan.

Birthday Wishes continued to pour in for Nicholas. “Congratulations @nicolashamilton ! You are a great inspiration to the whole world! I’m sure @lewishamilton has always been with you in every step you’ve taken in these 30 years! It’s a pride to see the complicity between you two brothers! I wish you a very happy day”, wrote a fan.

It is so special when we ask God for something and He gives us something better..happy birthday Nicolas may blessings health success and achievements come in this new year“, tweeted another fan.

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