Mick Schumacher suffered a high-impact crash during Q2 of the qualifying session in Jeddah

Images have surfaced on the internet of Lewis Hamilton checking on fellow driver Mick Schumacher’s condition after the horrific crash. Schumacher was circulating in Q2 when he lost the back end of his Haas VF-22 and spun heavily into the wall – the impact causing massive damage to his car. Thankfully though, the German is “physically well” but unfortunately won’t take any further part in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. After the crash, Schumacher was taken to the circuit’s Medical Centre and from there to the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital for a precautionary check.

Mick Schumacher was later released from the hospital and returned back to his hotel as confirmed by the Haas F1 team. However, he won’t take any further part in this GP. Haas announced on Twitter, “In light of today’s qualifying incident, Mick Schumacher will not participate in tomorrow’s #SaudiArabianGP.” Haas team principal Gunther Steiner clarified Schumacher’s present medical condition. “He has no injuries as you can see. They just wanted to check on him, doing some scans to see that there is no damage from the impact of the forces. Taking any risks tomorrow, it’s not on”, said Steiner.

Fans react to Lewis Hamilton’s gesture of checking on Mick Schumacher

F1 fans on Twitter were overwhelmed to see Lewis Hamilton checking on Schumacher after completing his own qualifying session. “It’s more than Racing everyone”, tweeted a fan impressed by the gesture.

Commentator Neil Cole tweeted, “I love that he went to check on Mick.”

“That’s my boy. When he was interviewed, Lewis couldn’t concentrate such was his concern for Mick. I know he’s spent a bit of time with Mick, so I’m sure the shock was hard for him. Lewis, despite what many think, already had concerns about this track”, tweeted an ardent Hamilton fan.

Lewis Hamilton had a shock exit from the very first qualifying round of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This is the first time since 2017 that Hamilton has been knocked out in Q1. He will start the GP in 16th place on Sunday.

Hamilton put aside his own frustration to check on a fellow competitor – certainly a wonderful gesture!

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