Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff has become the subject of trolls after claiming that F1 is “less entertaining”

If Mercedes’ woes on the track were not enough, team boss Toto Wolff now has to deal with trolls on social media. Wolff’s statement that F1 has less entertainment “because Ferrari and Red Bull are too strong” has drawn considerable amount of flak from fans on Twitter. Let us look at some of the reactions in response to Wolff’s statement.

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Image Credits – Sky Sports

“Mercedes is scared of a little competition. What a freezing cold take to say it’s less entertaining when you’re being challenged”, wrote a fan, who clearly didn’t take the statement too well.

“Funny thing is that Toto is saying this after years of Mercedes dominance, and Horner used to say it after the years of Red Bull dominance. ‘It’s boring now’ – no, it’s just you’re now losing”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan joked – ” wonder what sport Toto was watching over the last decade.”

“Wasn’t an issue when you were dominating the last what 8-9 years? Hypocrite”, wrote another fan.

Toto Wolff did receive support from some fans who pointed out that he was being misquoted

While the trolls continued to pour in, some fans did take a stand for the Mercedes chief.

“He didn’t say that. He said was asked about sprint races, his response was that they’re more entertaining when the performance gaps between the teams are greater”, wrote a fan, implying that the quote has been presented incorrectly.

“@TwommoF1 this is a lie. He was asked about sprint races and said they are entertaining when there are large performance gaps between the teams”, tweeted another fan, pointing out the error.

“Not what he said at all but I guess it‘s easier to take a quote out of context to get some cheap likes and comments than actually conveying what he said This is exactly why so many F1 fans and the media make F1 so toxic, it‘s always cheap news before the truth” – wrote another fan, echoing similar sentiments.

“Quite was taken out of context…he was referring to sprint races and if they add any entertainment. Next year supposed to double the amount of Sprints. I’m guessing you knew that and just want to stir the pot though”, tweeted another fan.

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