Damon Hill shares what rivals such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc need to do to beat Lewis Hamilton


Damon Hill is a former F1 driver who won the World Championship back in 1996

Former World Champion Damon Hill shared advice for upcoming F1 stars Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc in order to beat Lewis Hamilton.

An F1 champion back in 1996 with Team Williams, Hill believes that Hamilton is beatable and there are a few tricks new drivers such as Verstappen and Leclerc should keep in mind.

Damon Hill believes Lewis Hamilton is beatable
Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton receives the Pirelli Pole Position Award from British former Formula One driver Damon Hill ahead of the 2018 Belgian Formula One Grand Prix. (Getty Images)

Mercedes driver Hamilton has been a dominant force in F1 winning five of the last six World Championships. Except in 2016, when he lost to then-teammate Nico Rosberg, Hamilton has been an undefeated champion over the last few years.

Hill believes that Red Bull star Verstappen and Ferrari driver Leclerc should follow in the footsteps of Rosberg. According to him, Hamilton should feel uncomfortable if they wanted a take a shot at the title.

2016 F1 World Championship winner Nico Rosberg of Germany. (Getty Images)
2016 F1 World Championship winner Nico Rosberg of Germany. (Getty Images)

“Lewis doesn’t do things like that. It is not in his character. If he’s up against someone willing to upset him, Lewis may be vulnerable. Drivers must do what Nico did. He made Hamilton feel uncomfortable. That’s the only way to beat him,” Hill spoke during an interview with F1 magazine.

Despite being his teammate, Rosberg gave Hamilton a tough time in 2016. The German had back then publicly announced that he would not step aside for Hamilton and talked about his title aspirations.

Hill believes Hamilton has very few weaknesses

Moreover, Hill believes that Brit Hamilton has very few weaknesses in his game. An experienced campaigner, Hill feels that Hamilton has everything under his disposal that makes him a world champion.

Lewis Hamilton
British F1 defending champion Lewis Hamilton of team Mercedes. (Getty Images)

“As a driver, he has an untouchable mix of extraordinary talent, experience, and confidence,” Hill said.

However, with the future of the sport currently under the clouds due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, it remains to be seen when Verstappen and Leclerc could overthrow Hamilton from his undisputed reign on top.

The F1 season is currently suspended with not even a single Grand Prix being conducted in this year’s calendar.

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