Mark Hunt is planning a return to fighting but still took shots at Dana White and the UFC

MMA legend Mark Hunt will be back in action soon as he expects to fight Paul Gallen later in the year.

The 46-year-old hasn’t fought in close to two years and last appeared in the UFC. That was a losing cause against Justin Willis and while Hunt has a 13-14-1 MMA record, that doesn’t highlight just how great he was for the sport.

Mark Hunt is a legend in the MMA and UFC circuit
Mark Hunt waits for a start of a round in a heavyweight bout against Alistair Overeem of the Netherlands during UFC 209 (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

While Hunt has faced off against some of the best in the UFC, he certainly isn’t happy about his time in the promotion.

Hunt was exclusively speaking to MMA Unhinged and was asked if he was excited to fight Paul Gallen in a boxing ring later in the year.

While the New Zealand star claimed that all fights excite him, he was bitter about how things ended with the UFC:

“Any sort of fighting excites me. I have been out for nearly a couple of years and like I said, I was a bit upset about how it ended with the UFC. They just forced me out and I was just bitter, it’s just a crap company to work with.”

Regret being in the UFC

He was then asked about his loss to Willis and if he had any regrets in his UFC career. Hunt claimed that he didn’t enjoy working in the promotion at all and even hit out at Dana White:

“Working for them actually. At one stage of my career, I was happy cause I thought I was part of the elite group.”

Mark Hunt faced off against Brock Lesnar years ago
Dana White (C) looks on as mixed martial artists Brock Lesnar (L) and Mark Hunt (R) face off (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Hunt claimed that things started to sour a little later as he understood that everyone in the UFC was just business, and he was also forced to fight.

“That little f****** punk Dana White goes ‘We never force anyone to fight’, bullshit, you little monkey. You forced me to fight otherwise you would take my livelihood. You know, he is a piece of s***.”

Hunt also sided with the UFC stars who wanted better pay for their efforts in the promotion. He hit out at the UFC for only providing 20% of the revenue share and wanted the Muhammad Ali rule to be brought into MMA too.

This was an exclusive interview from MMA Unhinged. For more exclusive interviews and content please follow the link.

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