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Here’s everything you need to know about the personal life, ethnicity of Alpine F1 driver Esteban Ocon

Esteban Ocon, hailing from Évreux, Normandy, was born to Sabrine Khelfane and Laurent Ocon, who is a mechanic and owns a garage in Évreux.

His paternal roots trace back to Málaga. During his karting career, his parents made a significant sacrifice by selling their family home, which included his father’s garage, to financially support his karting endeavors. After this sale, they resided in and traveled to races in a caravan, which Ocon also used as a motorhome. In 2023, Esteban Ocon has made his home in Geneva, Switzerland. Notably, in addition to his native French, Ocon is proficient in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Esteban Ocon
Esteban Ocon (Twitter)

Ocon’s strong connection to his nationality plays a pivotal role in shaping both his identity and his career. France boasts a storied history in motorsports, and Ocon proudly contributes to this legacy through his exceptional performances. As a Frenchman, he carries forward the torch ignited by legendary drivers such as Alain Prost and Jean Alesi, who have left an enduring imprint on the world of motorsports. Ocon’s ties to his French heritage go beyond mere nationality. He was nurtured in the rich motorsports culture of his homeland, where he honed his racing skills on the tracks. The unwavering passion and support of his fellow countrymen have been instrumental in molding his career, providing him with the solid foundation necessary to thrive as a driver.

Full NameEsteban Ocon
Place of BirthÉvreux, Normandy, France
Parents– Father: Laurent Ocon (Mechanic, garage owner)
– Mother: Sabrina Khelfane
Paternal RootsMálaga, Spain
Early SacrificeOcon’s parents sold their family home, including his father’s garage, to support his karting career. They resided in a caravan and motorhome.
Current ResidenceGeneva, Switzerland
LanguagesProficient in French, English, Spanish, and Italian
French HeritageStrong connection to French motorsports heritage, following in the footsteps of legends like Alain Prost and Jean Alesi.
EthnicityA blend of North African heritage – Father is of Algerian descent, and mother has Moroccan background.
Parents’ BackgroundBoth parents have a strong connection to motorsports, with Laurent being a rally driver and Sabrina involved in go-karting. They also played a pivotal role in Esteban’s early career.
GirlfriendElena Berri (Italian model, fluent in multiple languages, Business Management student, and they’ve been together since around 2017/2018).
CareerEsteban Ocon competes in Formula 1 and has a successful racing career.

Ocon’s father, Laurent Ocon, is of Algerian descent, while his mother, Sabrina Belkacem, has a Moroccan background. This unique blend of North African heritage contributes to Ocon’s multicultural identity. This diverse ethnicity reflects the rich tapestry of France’s multicultural society. His mixed heritage serves as a testament to the country’s history of immigration and the harmonious coexistence of various cultural backgrounds within its borders.

Esteban Ocon’s parents – All you need to know

Esteban Ocon’s parents, Laurent and Sabrina Ocon, both have a strong connection to the world of motorsports. Laurent was actively involved as a rally driver, while Sabrina pursued her passion for racing through go-karting. Fate brought them together at a go-kart track, where their mutual love for racing blossomed. This shared enthusiasm eventually led them to establish their own karting team. Their unwavering support for their son’s racing aspirations began at a young age, and they played a pivotal role in helping him embark on his karting journey. In the early stages of Esteban’s career, Laurent also took on the role of his manager.

Esteban Ocon parents
Esteban Ocon parents (Getty)

Laurent and Sabrina Ocon have been instrumental in shaping their son’s racing career. They not only facilitated Esteban’s early entry into karting but also provided unwavering support throughout his path to becoming an Formula 1 racer. Laurent’s experience as a rally driver and Sabrina’s background in go-kart racing laid a robust foundation for Esteban’s motorsports journey. Furthermore, Laurent’s role as Esteban’s manager in the early stages of his career played a crucial part in securing significant opportunities and sponsorships. The Ocon family’s support remains a constant as Esteban competes at the pinnacle of motorsports.

Esteban Ocon and his parents
Esteban Ocon and his parents (Twitter)

Esteban Ocon’s Personal Life and Girlfriend

Elena Berri is primarily recognized as the girlfriend of Esteban Ocon. While the exact duration of their relationship is not publicly disclosed, rumors suggest that they initially crossed paths in 2017 and officially started dating in 2018, as evidenced by their appearance together on the red carpet at an event. Although the couple maintains a relatively private stance regarding their relationship, they are frequently seen together at racing events. They choose to share only a limited number of photos of themselves as a couple on their individual social media profiles.

Esteban Ocon girlfriend
Esteban Ocon girlfriend (Instagram)

It’s believed that Esteban Ocon and Elena first crossed paths in August 2017 in Valencia, Spain. Their initial public appearance as a couple took place at the Plage du Festival in Cannes, an event held in Prague. Furthermore, they have been spotted together at various Grand Prix weekends, indicating their shared interest and presence at racing events.

Berri, a 23-year-old Italian model hailing from Turin, possesses an impressive linguistic ability. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and several other languages. Elena’s career primarily revolves around modeling, which involves frequent travels across Europe. In addition to her modeling pursuits, she is currently a Business Management student in Geneva and has previously pursued studies in Paris.


Esteban Ocon, a talented Formula 1 driver hailing from Évreux, France, carries the rich legacy of French motorsports while reflecting his diverse North African heritage. His journey, supported by dedicated parents and shared with his girlfriend Elena Berri, represents a multicultural success story in the world of racing.

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