Who is Busta Rhymes dating now? Learn all about his dating history


Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr., is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on May 20, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York City. Busta Rhymes gained fame in the 1990s as a member of the hip-hop group Leaders of the New School before embarking on a successful solo career.

Known for his intricate and rapid-fire delivery, Busta Rhymes became renowned for his energetic and charismatic performances. He released several highly acclaimed albums, including “The Coming” (1996), “When Disaster Strikes…” (1997), and “Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front” (1998). His music often incorporates elements of reggae, dancehall, and electronic music, displaying his versatile style.

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes has collaborated with numerous artists across different genres, earning him widespread recognition and accolades. He has received multiple Grammy Award nominations throughout his career. Notable hits include “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check,” “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” and “Break Ya Neck.”

In addition to his music career, Busta Rhymes has also made appearances in films and television shows. He continues to be regarded as one of the influential figures in hip-hop, known for his dynamic flow, unique style, and captivating stage presence.

Who is Busta Rhymes dating now?

According to available records, Busta Rhymes, the 51-year-old American rapper, appears to be single at the moment. He tends to keep his personal life private and prefers to stay out of the public eye. While he may not be publicly dating anyone, it is worth noting that there could be a possibility of him seeing someone in private, as details about his romantic life are not widely known.

Who is Busta Rhymes dating now?
Who is Busta Rhymes dating now?

It is important to approach the topic of Busta Rhymes’ relationships with caution, as information about his past girlfriends and dating history can vary and may not be entirely reliable. Online sources and publicly available data are used to gather accurate and updated information about his dating status.


The aim is to provide precise and current information about his relationships. However, it is essential to recognize that details about celebrities’ personal lives can sometimes be uncertain, subject to change, or not fully disclosed to the public. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on official announcements or statements from Busta Rhymes himself for confirmed updates on his relationship status.

Past relationships of the American Rapper

Busta Rhymes, the American rapper, has been in multiple relationships in the past but has never been married. One of his notable relationships was with Joanne Wood, whom he had been dating since their high school days. Busta, whose real name is Trevor George Smith Jr., was known as an aspiring rapper, while Joanne was described as a quiet person.

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes

They had three children together named T’Khi Wood-Smith, T’ziah Wood-Smith, and Trillian Wood-Smith. Their first son, T’ziah Wood-Smith, was born on February 26, 1993, and went on to pursue a career in professional basketball with the Quinnipiac Bobcats team.

Busta Rhymes is a father to another child named Cacie Smith, who resides with his ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Randall. While details about their relationship are limited, it is known that Rhonda plays a significant role in caring for their child. Busta Rhymes values the importance of family and maintains a connection with Rhonda for the well-being of their shared child, Cacie Smith.

Busta Rhymes and his ex-girlfriend, Joanne Wood, engaged in a lengthy court battle for custody of their child. The custody dispute lasted for an extended period as they fought over the arrangements. Joanne has openly expressed the strain in their relationship, highlighting Busta Rhymes’ alleged dislike towards her during the legal proceedings. The court case was a challenging and emotionally charged experience for both parties involved.

The Rapper is a father to six children. He has three sons, born in 1993, 1999, and 2001, as well as three daughters, born in 1998, 1999, and 2006. While the identity of the mother of his youngest daughter is unknown, Busta Rhymes has had various relationships in the past. Despite not being married, he is known to be a caring and responsible parent to all of his children. Currently, it is unclear if Busta Rhymes is in a relationship, and he may be single at the moment.

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