Is Alex Drummond pregnant? Is the Internet personality married?


Is Alex Drummond pregnant? Alex Drummond, known for her appearances on reality television, sparked rumors of a possible pregnancy during the Easter holidays. Fans couldn’t help but notice her choice of a loose-fitting dress, leaving them curious about what may be happening in her life.

Is Alex Drummond Pregnant?

As the daughter of Food Network star Ree Drummond, Alex has always been in the spotlight. Born on June 25, 1997, she spent her childhood on the family ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Is Alex Drummond pregnant?

After completing her studies, Alex ventured into the corporate world, working at a Dallas consulting firm. However, her path eventually led her back to the family business. Through Instagram, she shared her involvement in filming her mother’s show, contributing remotely to photoshoots for merchandise, and actively promoting the brand.

With rumors swirling about a possible pregnancy, fans are eager to discover the truth! The charming reality TV personality Alex Drummond has left fans buzzing with speculation after an Instagram post. But first, let’s catch you up on the love story that led us here.

Speculations Rise: Is Alex Drummond pregnant?

Alex and her college sweetheart, Mauricio Scott, have been happily married since their enchanting wedding on the Drummond family’s picturesque Oklahoma ranch in 2021. Picture this: delicious food, heartwarming speeches, stunning floral arrangements, and a whole lot of dancing and fun. It was a fairy tale affair that left everyone in awe.

On April 10th, Alex took to Instagram to share a sweet family moment. She captioned the post, “Another Easter Sunday post for your feed! So much love for this CREW!! Thank you, Jesus.”  She donned a loose-fitting, yellow long-sleeved dress adorned with delicate white detailing. Paired with white shoes and adorable pink bunny ears, Alex’s attire had fans speculating about the possibility of a hidden secret – could she be expecting a little bundle of joy?

One of her fans commented: “Okay, perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but when an adorable young married (almost 2 years) woman wears a flowy, full dress, it sometimes means there is a bun in the oven”.

Since tying the knot, Alex Drummond has mentioned that she and her husband are taking their time when it comes to starting a family. She shared that they are enjoying being married and not rushing into parenthood. Alex also revealed that her parents have advised them to savor their married life before considering having children. However, she hinted that her famous mom and dad would be thrilled if she did end up getting pregnant.

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