Who is Blake Griffin’s girlfriend, Francesca Aiello? All you need to know about Boston Celtics star’s partner


Blake Griffin’s girlfriend Francesca Aiello has gained a lot of traction and popularity given her own success and association with the player.

Blake, the Boston Celtics star, is an NBA player known for his athleticism and is quite popular given his amazing skills.

Francesca is a 28-year-old (as of 2023) model herself, and fashion designer. She is a proud owner of the Frankies Bikinis, a swimwear brand she built from scratch all by herself.

The duo has been in touch since 2018 and was first spotted hand in hand in Malibu and have since been talk of the town given their love and romance.

Blake Griffin’s Girlfriend Francesca Aiello: A model and an entrepreneur

Francesco Aiello is from Los Angeles and has set her inspiration in the design line from her childhood being closely associated with her time on beaches.

Who is Blake Griffin's girlfriend, Francesca Aiello?
Who is Blake Griffin’s girlfriend, Francesca Aiello? PC: blacksportsonline

Starting as early as 17-years-old, she has become quite an entrepreneur with a net worth of $2.5 million and being considered one of the wealthiest models of the States.

Francesca Aiello, an Instagram icon as well as a brand owner has around 389K followers as of 2023. Her brand ‘Frankies Bikinis’ has a massive fan-base as well with a 1.3 million support.

Her swimwear brand began in 2012. It has been a massive success since then, being adorned by some greatest names in the modeling world.

In a relationship that has concluded half a decade now. Aiello started dating Blake Griffin soon after he cut ties with his ex-Kendall Jenner. Moreover, their time together has had ups and downs of its own with a reported split a few years ago. However, they cemented it quickly and so it appears to continue hard and strong to date.

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