Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone? Kobe Bryant’s widow in a relationship?

Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone?
Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone?

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Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone? – Vanessa Bryant dating someone seems like far-fetched news since Vanessa hasn’t been spotted with anyone after the husband-basketball player- Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate demise.

The helicopter crash that killed Kobe was followed by the fans’ eyes on Vanessa and thereby speculating about Vanessa’s new romantic interest.

The life of Vanessa Bryant has been a mysterious affair that has hardly seen the light of day after Kobe. The rumors, therefore link her with different people owing to her high net worth, good life, and obviously charismatic personality. Vanessa has not commented on any of the details however the attempt to know about her continues.

Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone? She keeps her personal life private prioritizing her life

Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone?
Is Vanessa Bryant dating anyone?

Vanessa Bryant has been a celebrated wife and mother and continues to spend a life of privacy, especially after Kobe’s death and the difficult time the family went through. She has often been linked to prioritizing motherhood the most, as suggested by the current reports and sources about her.

There has been barely any concrete evidence that links Vanessa Bryant with any men at the moment. While there have been rumors, nobody has been romantically linked with her.

Her hushed approach to the matter suggests that she has less time for dating and cherishes motherhood the most. Since the horrific tragedy that struck the family, she has been linked with Derek Fisher- a former NBA player.

She has also been linked with boxer Victor Ortiz. However, there have been no concrete reports of this news being true.

There was buzz that even suggested they sat as a couple at the WNBA game. The theoretical attempts were quashed all at once after Fisher married Gloria Govan. The only part that matters after the guesses are the message she wrote for the late husband in Spanish on his posthumous birthday. She wrote that she loved him forever and that he shall continue to be her eternal love.

As speculative as it seems, the Vanessa Bryant dating life may seem of interest but is at a halt taking a backseat. Her love for Kobe Bryant and her dedication to her family is appreciable.

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