Did Tom Cruise skip attending the Oscars to avoid a run-in with Ex Nicole Kidman?


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have been the talk of the town since the two separated obviously shattering a million admiring hearts almost two decades ago.

However, Tom Cruise’s own heart seems to have remained unhealed since his absence from the Oscars is being contemplated as an attempt to avoid his ex.

Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ had made it to 6 nominations at the 2023 Oscars.

The star’s absence due to personal reasons seems unexpected, though a source at the Daily Mail reported that he wanted to stay out of any ‘awkward run-ins’ with his ex. Contradicting, a close insider statement had a different story to narrate.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Cruise’s absence and the couple’s story so far

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a couple began their married journey back in 1990 and separated soon in 2001. The couple had a great 11 years together as they adopted two children named Isabella and Connor.

Did Tom Cruise skip attending the Oscars to avoid a run-in with Ex Nicole Kidman
Did Tom Cruise skip attending the Oscars to avoid a run-in with Ex Nicole Kidman?

The separation was followed by a storm of rumors and speculations as the reasons weren’t made public. When asked of the separation, Tom Cruise said, “She knows why, and I know why, [we divorced]” adding, “She’s the mother of my children, and I wish her well. And I think that you just move on.”

Speaking of the current situation, the insider statement that followed talked about Cruise’s schedule being in the way of his appearance. It also clarified that the absence was not due to ‘personal reasons.”

Cruise also went on to marry Katy Holmes and divorcing each other in 2012. Kidman married musician Keith Urban 16 years ago and made an appearance at the Oscar definitely lighting up the red carpet.

Cruise also spoke about his divorce in the past in an accepting tone, saying, “Things happen in life, and you do everything you can, and in every possible way, and there’s a point at which you just sometimes have to face the brutal reality.” It definitely seems like a far-fetched reason for his absence after both Tom and Nicole having moved forward in their life.

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