Blueface pregnant women music video: Why did Erykah Badu call the rapper ‘trash?’


This article will explore the recent steam that is going around the rapper Blueface and why Badu called him “trash”.

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Blueface pregnant women music video

Just recently, popular rapper Blueface treated his fans to an exclusive glimpse into the making of his upcoming music video. Taking to Instagram on June 2, the Cali artist shared behind-the-scenes footage and captivating photos from the set that featured him alongside four pregnant women. The intriguing visuals instantly caught the attention of his followers, sparking excitement and curiosity.

In one of the clips, Blueface can be seen passionately rapping the lyrics to an unreleased track while the expectant women sit gracefully behind him, creating an unforgettable backdrop. The captivating scene gives fans a taste of what’s to come, leaving them eagerly anticipating the full music video’s release.

In addition to sharing these compelling visuals, Blueface provided a peek into his appreciation for the women’s contribution to the project. In his Instagram Story, he revealed heartwarming moments where he expressed gratitude to the pregnant women for their exceptional performances. “You did so amazingly,” he commended, clearly impressed by their talent and dedication. He then made sure to compensate them generously for their invaluable participation.

As a gesture of appreciation and recognition, Blueface handed each of the women a substantial payment of $1,500, consisting of crisp hundred-dollar bills. Expressing his admiration for their star quality, the rapper assured them that they are indeed shining superstars, urging them not to let anyone undermine their significance. While Blueface is committed to a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, he unhesitatingly embraced the opportunity to work with these talented women, showcasing their talents in his music video.

The behind-the-scenes footage and heartwarming interactions shared by Blueface have generated immense buzz and anticipation among his fans. With his unique vision and knack for creating captivating visuals, there’s no doubt that the upcoming music video will leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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Why did Erykah Badu call Blueface ‘trash?’

In a recent video released by rapper Blueface, he was seen in a hot tub surrounded by several pregnant women. The clip sparked a response from Erykah Badu, a renowned doula, who expressed her disapproval of the rapper’s actions. 

She commented, “He’s trash. Universe do your thing.” 

Blueface, however, seemed unfazed by her comment, stating that it was just a promotional move. Nevertheless, fans believe that Badu’s words may have invoked some sort of curse on the rapper.

The situation escalated when Blueface’s mother took to social media to defend her son, pointing out Badu’s past actions. The exchange between the two sparked a debate among fans, with some emphasizing the power of words and others defending Blueface’s behaviour.

This incident has generated a significant amount of attention within the music industry, with fans eagerly waiting to see if any repercussions will arise from Badu’s comment. It serves as a reminder that words hold immense power and can have lasting effects.

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In addition to the recent controversy surrounding Blueface’s video, it is worth noting that the rapper himself is currently anticipating the arrival of his first child. The mother-to-be is his on-and-off girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. However, the status of their relationship remains unclear as recent online videos have shown Chrisean expressing her willingness to connect with another man. In one instance, she even posed for a maternity shoot on her own, sparking speculation about the state of their relationship.

This development adds another layer of intrigue to Blueface’s personal life, leaving fans curious about the future dynamics between him, Chrisean, and their unborn child. As the situation unfolds, followers of the rapper are keeping a close eye on any updates that may shed light on this intriguing chapter in his life.

Who is Blueface? 

Jonathan Jamall Porter, also known as Blueface, is a rising star in the music industry. Born on January 20, 1997, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, this 26-year-old artist has quickly made a name for himself.

During his high school years at Arleta High School, Blueface showcased his diverse talents by participating in both the marching band, where he played the alto saxophone, and the school’s football team. It was during this time that his passion for rap music started to grow.

After graduating, Blueface made a commitment to play football for Fayetteville State University. However, his love for music took precedence, leading him to leave college in 2016 to pursue his dreams in the music industry.

Despite facing some challenges along the way, Blueface’s talent and dedication have propelled him to new heights. His unique style and catchy beats have garnered him a significant following, and he continues to captivate audiences with his music.

Recently, on November 15, 2022, Johnathan Jamall Porter made headlines for an unfortunate incident. He was arrested on charges of attempted murder and shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, which allegedly occurred on October 8 of the same year. While this incident undoubtedly cast a shadow on his career, it’s important to separate his personal life from his musical accomplishments.

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