Blueface recently got into a bizarre physical brawl with his long-time girlfriend ChriseanRock on the streets of Hollywood

Blueface got into a tussle with his longtime girlfriend, Chrisean Rock on the streets of Hollywood. The moment was captured by a report. The pair have been dating on and off for a while now. It looked like a drunk night out, the rapper was walking down the street with his girlfriend following him.

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Blueface with his long-time girlfriend Chrisean Rock (Urban Islandz)

You can watch the video below:

Blueface seemed in good spirits as he was seen smiling at the camera as his girlfriend pulled his shirt back. Things got worse when Chrisean Rock swung at the rapper and connected. In response to her attack, he swung back and she fell to the floor. The Los Angeles native then restrained his girlfriend and started walking off.

However, she kept getting on her boyfriend, grabbing him and pulling him violently. The rapper did well to control himself and the pair were then separated by their friends. 

Blueface offers $100K to his girlfriend Chrisean Rock to leave him 

As the clip went viral, The Rapper turned Boxer took to his Instagram immediately to clarify what had happened between them and even offered $100K to his girlfriend to leave him.

“Got a nice little shiner. It’s the only way I can get you to talk. See, she’s fine. Whatchu need to leave me the f**k alone. F**k it, a hundred thousand? You’re viral now, cuz come on. You gonna beat me up in public and s**t, so what’s up?”

The rapper also went on to say in the Instagram stories that the scuffle began when he went through his girlfriend’s Instagram and saw her talking to other men. It’s unclear whether the pair are still together. 

Blueface is currently preparing for his fight against Faze Temperrr on August 27 in the undercard of KSI vs Alex Wassabi.

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