My Happy Marriage anime: When is the show coming to Netflix? Release date, story, episodes and more


When is My Happy Marriage Anime coming to Netflix?

My Happy Marriage is about a discontented girl who hails from a family where abuse is prevalent and is wedded to a formidable and aloof military leader. It is a Japanese Netflix Original series.

Synopsis of My Happy Marriage

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My happy marriage

Miyo Saimori, born without supernatural talent, is forced into servitude by her abusive stepmother in the 19th-century Meiji Restoration era. When she reaches marriageable age, she discovers that her fiancé is Kiyoka Kudou, known for being cold and cruel.

With nowhere to go, Miyo resigns herself to her fate but soon discovers that Kiyoka is not the monster she thought. As they open their hearts to each other, they find a chance at true love and happiness.

My Happy Marriage Streaming on Netflix

Kadokawa has announced that the My Happy Marriage light novel series by Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka will be adapted into a television anime that will premiere in Japan in July 2023. The anime will also be streamed on Netflix in the same year.

The English version of the anime’s first visual has been revealed on Netflix’s anime Twitter account. The anime’s cast includes Reina Ueda as Miyo Saimori and Kaito Ishikawa as Kiyoki Kudo, with Ayane Sakura, Kōtarō Nishiyama, Houko Kuwashima, and Hiro Shimono also joining the cast.

CharacterDescriptionVoice Actor
Miyo SaimoriAfter her mother’s death, Miyo, one of the protagonists of the series, finds herself living a life inspired by Cinderella, with a cruel stepmother and stepsister. Eventually, she is forced into an arranged marriage with Kiyoka Kudou.Reina Ueda
Kiyoka KudouThere are rumours that Kiyoka Kudou, a military captain, is an unfeeling groom towards his fiancées.Kaito Ishikawa

The anime will be directed by Takehiro Kubota at Kinema Citrus, and the series scripts will be overseen by Ami Satо̄, Takahito Ōnishi, and Momoka Toyoda. Shōko Yasuda will design the characters, Yuushi Koshida will be the 3DCG director, and Evan Call will compose the music. The My Happy Marriage light novel series was launched in January 2019, and the anime will be based on it.

My Happy Marriage Release date

The most expected my happy marriage will stream on Netflix in July later this year. Netflix officially announced it on their Twitter handle.

It is said that each episode will be released once per week. It is not official but trusted sources have informed this.

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