Kamorra Campbell GoFundMe: How much has the fundraiser for the deceased South Elgin school student collected so far?


All you should know about the GoFundMe that has been set up for Kamorra Camobell and how much has been raised so far

Kamorra Campbell and Tahulay Henry, who were students of South Elgin High School, were killed in a fatal car crash with a dump truck in Barlett. Kamorra passed away after she was taken to the hospital, and Henry died immediately after the accident.

There were two people, along with Kamorra and Tahulay, but they survived the car crash. Kamorra’s vehicle collided with the truck, and that caused their deaths, and even the truck driver was injured. The crash took place near the school, as reported by the authorities, and it was so severe that it went inside a whole cornfield.

Kamorra Campbell and Tahlulay Henry
Kamorra Campbell and Tahulay Henry

It is said that the car crash was so fatal that firefighters had to remove the roof of the car to rescue all those who were injured. A police investigation has been going on in the matter, and they have yet to reach a conclusion.

How much has GoFundMe for Kamorra Campbell collected so far?

Kamorra Campbell’s sister, Jekiah, has started a fundraiser on GoFundMe with a target of $15,000, wherein she stated that the fundraiser was being raised by her and her family to lay her little sister to rest, and all the proceeds will go towards her funeral and her burial.

A total of $12,257 has been raised. Kamorra’s family is deeply affected by this loss, and her mother, Chiaunte Campbell, has made several statements about her daughter’s passing, highlighting how Kamorra was their backbone, she also said that she ever thought that her daughter would not come home after going to school.

She was also described as “a beautiful person inside and out and so very sweet by her oldest sibling, Jekiah. Kamorra had a bright future; she wanted to play basketball, and she wanted to play at the University of Illinois.

She was described as the spark for the family, and even though the school authorities are providing support to the family, it is very hard for them to deal with Kamorra’s passing. Her funeral has yet to take place, and the family is gathering funds for her funeral.

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