Is Natalie Maines pregnant? Who is the partner of The Chicks star?

Natalie Maines

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Let us check out the viral news about Natalie Maines and learn more about her partner in this article.

Is Natalie Maines pregnant?

The exact answer to this as of now is “No, she is not pregnant”. But, somehow, the news of Natalie being pregnant has gone viral on the internet for unknown reasons. 

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Is Natalie Maines pregnant? Who is the partner of The Chicks star? 2

Till now, there has been no official news from Natalie or related to her on this news. So, with that, we can draw a lot of conclusions. Yet the confirmation or rejection of the speculation must come from Natalie’s side to take a stand on this news. As of now, fans have to either wait or ignore it until it is official.

This speculation leads to a lot of open-ended questions, Did Natalie Maines previously get pregnant, does she have a baby, who is her partner and so on? Before jumping into all those topics, let us have some detailed information about Natalie Maines.

About Natalie Maines

Natalie Louise Maines, an accomplished artist currently aged 48, was born on October 14, 1974, in Lubbock, Texas, USA, boasting a rich history. Her educational journey commenced in her hometown, where she completed her early schooling. During her tenure at O. L. Slaton Junior High School, Natalie embraced the role of a cheerleader, radiating her exuberance and vitality. After graduating from Lubbock High School in 1992, she left her mark by actively participating in the school choir.

After high school, Natalie Maines embarked on an educational quest, seeking enrichment from various colleges. The doorway to professional recording opened for her with the track “White Women’s Clothes,” where her captivating lead vocals adorned Andy Wilkinson’s album “Charlie Goodnight’s Life in Poetry and Song.”

Her voyage continued with background vocals on Pat Green’s debut album, “Dancehall Dreamer,” a project crafted by her father Lloyd Maines, a distinguished country musician and producer. This venture marked her inaugural entry into the music domain, revealing her budding talent.

The pivotal year of 1995 marked a turning point in Natalie’s journey. Departing from Berklee College of Music, she heeded destiny’s call to join the Dixie Chicks, stepping into the role of lead singer after succeeding Laura Lynch.

With Natalie’s commanding vocals at the helm, the Dixie Chicks ascended to prominence, gathering a notable array of honors. Their captivating contributions from 1998 to 2007 yielded a remarkable tally of 10 Country Music Association Awards and an astonishing 13 Grammy Awards.

Natalie Maines Personal Life

In 1997, Natalie Maines embarked on a journey of matrimony with her sweetheart from South Plains College, the bassist Michael Tarabay. Their path led them to Nashville, Tennessee, where they forged a new life together. Yet, within a mere two years, their journey took an unforeseen detour, resulting in their decision to part ways. Irreconcilable differences became the foundation of their divorce.

However, destiny had different chapters in store. In May 1999, Natalie’s life intersected with actor Adrian Pasdar, during the wedding of her fellow band member Emily Erwin to Charlie Robison. Their connection swiftly bloomed into love, culminating in Natalie and Adrian exchanging vows on June 24, 2000, at the enchanting A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Their marital abode primarily rested in Los Angeles, with additional homes gracing Austin and New York City. The union brought forth two sons, affectionately named Jackson Slade and Beckett Finn.

As Natalie Maines traversed her successful music career, her role as a devoted mother held an equally significant place in her heart. Amidst the balancing act of musical achievements and motherhood’s joys, Natalie remained resolute in nurturing her beloved sons. During her marriage, she embraced the name Natalie Pasdar.

However, a new chapter unfolded in July 2017, as Natalie Maines initiated divorce proceedings with Adrian Pasdar. The legal journey concluded in December 2019, formalizing their separation. As of 2023, Natalie Maines walks her path solo, focusing on her personal journey without seeking romantic companionship.

Adrian Pasdar – Natalie Maines’s Ex-Husband

Born on April 30, 1965, Adrian Pasdar is 58 years old. Graduating from Marple Newtown High School, he honed his acting skills while also showcasing his talents on the football field. 

A pivotal moment occurred at 19 when he auditioned for “Top Gun,” leaving such an impression on director Tony Scott that a role was created specifically for him, marking the turning point in his acting journey.

Adrian Pasdar, recognized for his roles in TV hits like “Judging Amy” and “Heroes,” faced complex legal matters during his divorce from Natalie Maines. Amidst divorce proceedings, he challenged their prenuptial agreement, raising questions about its validity. 

Seeking spousal support and retroactive child support due to financial difficulties, he also aimed to halt new music releases by Maines and her bandmates, citing a breach of their prenup. Ultimately, the case concluded in 2019 with a resolution.

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