Is Viktor Hovland gay? Learn all about his dating history

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Let us check whether the young golf star Victor Hovland is gay or not and more about his personal life in this article.

Is Victor Hovland gay?
Is Viktor Hovland gay? (Fox News)

Is Viktor Hovland gay?

There’s no solid evidence to suggest that Victor Hovland is gay. Some rumours about his relationships with women have circulated, but nothing official or confirmed. His personal life, including his romantic interests, remains private.

Certain reports have mentioned a possible relationship with Kristin Sorsdal, a fellow Norwegian. However, Victor Hovland hasn’t shared any pictures with her on his social media or discussed her in interviews. This leaves their relationship status uncertain.

Recently, something interesting surfaced on social media that adds to the mystery. Victor Hovland was spotted on Tinder, a well-known dating app. A fan came across his profile while swiping through potential matches.

In his Tinder profile, Hovland displayed some of his achievements, like pictures of himself with the Dubai Desert Classic trophy and the BMW International title. He also had a brief description in Norwegian, where he referred to himself as “a simple boy from Ekeberg.”

Based on all this information, it seems reasonable to conclude that Victor Hovland is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone. His dating status remains a mystery, and until he shares more about his personal life, we can only speculate about his relationships.

About Viktor Hovland

Viktor Hovland is a golfer, and he’s pretty good at it. On September 18, 1997, he was born in Norway. Golf wasn’t the most popular sport there, but Victor quickly discovered his enthusiasm for it.

Viktor Hovland got into golf at eleven because his dad started playing while working in St. Louis. At just 16, he won the Norwegian Amateur Golf Championship in 2014. He spent the years from 2016 to 2019 playing college golf at Oklahoma State University.

In 2018, Hovland made history as the first Norwegian to win the U.S. Amateur, which got him invitations to prestigious tournaments like the Masters, U.S. Open, and the Open Championship. He also performed well in the 2018 Emirates Australian Open.

During the 2019 Masters, he was the top amateur and held the number one spot in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. At the 2019 U.S. Open, he finished 12th overall and was the best amateur, breaking a long-standing record. 

He became the first player since 1998 to claim low amateur honors at both the Masters and U.S. Open in the same season. In recognition of his outstanding performance, he was awarded the Ben Hogan Award in 2019, signifying him as the best college player in the United States.

He turned professional in 2019, which meant he began playing golf professionally rather than just for fun. 

And guess what? He did really well. He even won the U.S. Amateur Championship in 2018, which is a big deal for young golfers.

Victor’s golf game in 2023 is on fire. He’s at the very top of the FedEx Cup, which means he’s winning lots of important golf tournaments. One of his recent wins was at the BMW Championship this year. That’s a huge achievement in the golf world.

What makes Victor Hovland stand out is his incredible skills on the golf course. He’s known for his powerful swings and impressive accuracy. People who watch golf love seeing him play because he’s so talented.

Off the golf course, Victor seems like a down-to-earth guy. He doesn’t brag about his success, and he stays focused on his game. He’s also a good role model for young golfers who dream of making it big in the sport.

Viktor Hovland endorsements and networth

In 2023, Viktor Hovland, the famous golfer from Norway, has a lot of money. His net worth is about $15 million. He got a big chunk of this money from winning the BMW Championship, where he earned $3.6 million.

Viktor also makes money from his partnerships with big brands like TaylorMade, Titleist, and Rolex. These companies pay him to use their products and be seen with them. He also gets paid for appearing at events and giving speeches. So, besides winning golf tournaments, he has other ways to make money too.


Victor Hovland is a rising star in the world of golf. He’s shown his skills by winning important tournaments like the BMW Championship, and he’s at the top of the FedEx Cup. With his talent and humble attitude, he’s likely to keep making waves in the golfing world for years to come.

Also, there is no solid evidence to support that he is gay.

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