Is Alfonso Ribeiro gay? Who is he married to? 

Is Alfonso Ribeiro gay? Who is he married to?

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All you should know about Alfonso Ribeiro’s sexuality and who he is married to

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Is Alfonso Ribeiro gay? Who is he married to?  2

Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, comedian, and television host. He was born on September 21, 1971, in the Bronx, the United States.

He is widely known for his roles as Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Maxwell Stanton on In the House. Presently he is the host of ABC’s America’s Funniest Videos; In 2023 he will serve as the main host of Dancing With the Stars alongside Julianne Hough. Let us take a deep dive into Alfonso’s sexuality and details about his married life. 

Is Alfonso Ribeiro gay?

There have been rumors speculating about Alfonso’s sexuality, whether he is gay or not. Alfonso has not commented on his sexual orientation, and it is better not to make any assumptions and create rumors as it is detrimental to the mental health of an individual. However, there is nothing that confirms that Alfonso is gay. To conclude, there is no truth to the rumors, and Alfonso is not gay.

Who is he married to?

Despite rumors about his sexuality, Alfonso is married and has a wife. Alfonso Ribeiro is married to Angela Unkrich after they dated each other for a decade.

They met each other in four seasons at Beverley Hills in 2011. She stated that she did not want to date anyone who was from the entertainment industry when she was told that he was a director. They went on dates and got married in 2012.

The two announced their engagement in 2012 and got married in the same year. His wife, Angela, went to Northwestern University, where she graduated with a Bachelors in Communication Studies. Angela and Alfonso share three children together and they welcomed their own son, Alfonso Riberio Jr., whom they welcomed in November 2013.

They welcomed their son Ansers Ryan Riberio in 2015 and their daughter Ava Sue Ribeiro in 2019. Alfonso’s wife, Angela, is a stepmother to his daughter, Sienna, whom he has with his ex-wife, Robin Stapler. Robin Stapler and Alfonso were married for four years, and the reason for this was irreconcilable differences.

However, after Alfonso and Angela share a beautiful family, they have been together on multiple occasions at a variety of events. They are private and meticulously organized, and they do not put out details about their lives online.

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