Easy Ways to get Season Tokens in Clash Royale


Here is how you can get the Seasons In Clash Royale to unlock exciting bonuses and progress faster in the game.

Clash Royale has brought exciting features for its players. It has brought many things to each season shop which initially faced some backlash from the community but find me after lots of changes it’s been. Players now have a new rewards system that has been introduced in the new update. With this update please can now focus on unblocking and receiving 20 of Perks from the season shop that will help them upgrade faster in the game. Players can now redeem the season tokens Sony aiming to make a purchase from the season shop in Clash Royale.

The new update has a lot of things to bring to the table but for some players who want to learn more about these tokens and how they can use their full purpose to unlock rewards and other use of these season tokens. So to help you know about its full potential here is it quick overview of the season tokens in Clash Royale.

Season tokens in Clash of clans
Season tokens in Clash Royale

Clash Royale announced its season token in its 2023 road map. It was introduced in the latest update that helps players receive several rewards and items in the ongoing season. It was you with season tokens for participating in events that you can use in the season Store to get rewards and other items in exchange.

The season store is updated with a new set of item rewards after each season. So players can expect a new bunch of rewards and items to collect and retain from the season shop. These items will be based on the only theme of the season. Now please rewards and items can include golds and different and unique decks of cards in Clash Royale that you can use in your battles.

What are Season Tokens?

Season tokens are a new currency system that was introduced for making purchases in the Seasons shop. You can use this only in the season shop and there are no other menus that are present that make use of season tokens as a medium of exchange. Is also important to know that connecting many season tokens will not give you any reward in return as they expire season by season. This means that by the end of the current season, Season tokens will expire and reset to zero so it is recommended that you use it as much as possible before the season ends and redeem your awards before the expiry date. We can find the expiry date in the season shop menu itself.

Players can use their season Token to purchase the following items.

  • Gold
  • Cards (Including Champions)
  • Wild Cards
  • Emotes
  • Banner Tokens
  • Battle Banners
  • Book of Cards

How to get season tokens in Clash Royale

You can play events and upgrade the pass Royal to collect season tokens. These are the two events that we have discussed below in detail.

Season Tokens via Events

Season Tokens via Events
Season Tokens via Events

Getting season tokens via events is a good way of getting it. By participating in events players can earn up to 2000 season tokens each day. You can earn up to 2000 Season Tokens each day and extend it by an additional thousand season tokens by spending 50 gems. This comes along with the boost to the season token gained by events. It can be extended to an unlimited number of times as well.

Each time you posted on that day the gem’s price goes up by 50. You can even obtain different currencies if you see gems and use them to obtain rewards. The rewards will be doubled by 1.5 Times if the when multiplier is enabled in the events. This means you can receive an additional 50% reward.

However, you can continue to participate in events even if the daily limit of rewards has been met. But you won’t be able to continue earning tokens after that point. The daily limit can be raised to a maximum of 72 tokens every day using a season boost.

Players will get tokens according to their Elixir investments for each Crown tower that is demolished and successfully defended. For example, the Classic 1 grand 50 season tokens for every tower that you defend, and for every tower that you destroy you will get 100 tokens. The Elixir expense gives one each so that will let you collect many tokens.

Season token via pass Royale

You can purchase the pass Royal for more tokens. The free pass lets you unlock more tears but Golden Diamond tears will have plenty of season tokens to offer. Therefore we suggest that you take advantage of it if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

That is everything to know about Season Tokens in Clash Royale and how to get them. It is indeed a useful item in the game as it lets you unlock premium items and helps you progress through the game much faster due to the fact that you will have your hands on items that will Boost Your gameplay.

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