Does Jungkook have a dog? What breed is the dog?


If you’re a dedicated fan of BTS, you probably know that each member of this iconic South Korean boy band has their own unique charm. Today, we’re going to explore a heartwarming aspect of Jungkook’s life outside the spotlight – his beloved pet dog, Gureum. This adorable Maltese has captured not only Jungkook’s heart but also the hearts of millions of ARMY members worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the story of Gureum, a fluffy cloud of joy in Jungkook’s life.

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Before we dive into the enchanting world of Gureum, let’s take a moment to introduce you to BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook. Born on September 1, 1997, Jungkook’s real name is Jeon Jungkook, and he hails from the vibrant city of Busan, South Korea. His exceptional vocal prowess, remarkable dancing skills, and endearing personality have endeared him to fans worldwide, earning him the nickname “Golden Maknae.”

But beyond their dazzling performances and worldwide fame, Jungkook is also known for his love for animals, especially his beloved pet dog, Gureum.


The Fluffy Cloud of Joy, Gureum, a name that translates to “cloud” in Korean, is Jungkook’s cherished companion. This adorable Maltese is as white and fluffy as a cloud in the sky, which perfectly suits its name. Maltese dogs are known for their small size, silky coats, and gentle temperament. They are often referred to as “lap dogs” because they love nothing more than to cuddle up with their owners.

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Gureum’s adorable looks and sweet demeanor have made it an instant favorite among fans. Whether you’re a fan of BTS or simply a dog lover, Gureum’s enchanting presence is hard to resist.

The Special Bond: Jungkook and Gureum’s bond is nothing short of heartwarming. Gureum isn’t just a pet; it’s a cherished member of the BTS maknae’s family. The pair shares countless precious moments, and fans have been fortunate enough to witness some of these endearing interactions through social media.

Instagram Delights

Jungkook’s Instagram account, with millions of followers, serves as a platform for sharing glimpses of his life, both personal and professional. However, it’s Gureum who often steals the spotlight with its undeniable cuteness. In early 2022, Jungkook delighted fans by sharing pictures of himself with Gureum, affectionately referring to the dog as “Bam’s hyungs.”

These heartwarming posts set new records on Instagram, amassing millions of likes and comments from fans worldwide. The images showcase Jungkook’s genuine love and affection for his furry friend, reinforcing the idea that pets can truly become family members.

TikTok Triumph

If you thought Gureum’s fame was limited to Instagram, think again! The adorable Maltese has made a significant impact on TikTok as well. Videos featuring Gureum have garnered over 100 million views, making it a viral sensation in its own right.

TikTok’s short-form videos capture the essence of Jungkook and Gureum’s relationship in a fun and relatable way. These videos often show the pair playing together, snuggling, or simply enjoying each other’s company. It’s clear that Gureum has found its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Gureum’s Rise to Stardom: Gureum’s popularity extends beyond social media. The charming Maltese has become a symbol of love, companionship, and happiness in the lives of BTS and Jungkook’s fans. The wholesome content featuring Jungkook and Gureum has not only entertained but also touched the hearts of millions.

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Jungkook’s life is undoubtedly a whirlwind of performances, tours, and responsibilities as a member of BTS. However, amid the hectic schedule, Gureum remains a constant source of comfort and companionship for the young star.

Photos and videos of Jungkook and Gureum enjoying each other’s company, going for walks, or simply cuddling have been shared across various online platforms. These heartwarming moments offer a glimpse into the genuine bond between the two, reminding us of the beauty of the human-animal connection.


In conclusion, Jungkook’s pet dog, Gureum, a charming Maltese, has won the hearts of both BTS fans and animal lovers worldwide. The adorable companion’s rise to stardom on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok is a testament to its undeniable cuteness and the deep bond it shares with Jungkook.

Gureum has become more than just a pet; it’s a symbol of love, joy, and the importance of cherishing the special connections we share with our furry friends. So, the next time you see Jungkook sharing a photo or video with Gureum, you’ll know that you’re witnessing a beautiful friendship between a talented artist and his beloved canine companion, reminding us all of the beauty and warmth that pets bring into our lives.

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