“Little lap dog AJ” – T-Bar slams Omos and AJ Styles after recent comments on Raw talk


AJ Styles and Omos captured the RAW tag team championship at WrestleMania 37

AJ Styles and Omos have had a wonderful April and May. They challenged one of the greatest tag-team champions in WWE history, the New Day to a title match at WrestleMania 37, and grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

AJ Styles and the 7foot 3 monster Omos, have been allies since October, last year and they are only looking to go strength to strength from here.

AJ Styles became the latest WWE Grand Slam champion at WrestleMania
Omos and AJ Styles became WWE Raw Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania 37

At RAW talk on Monday Night RAW, Styles and Omos claimed that no duo would be able to grab hold of their tag team title. Styles seemed at the peak of his confidence because of the presence of the colossus that is – Omos.

These comments didn’t sit well with T-Bar. T-Bar and Mace recently confirmed the start of their tag team run after a few weeks of absence.

T-Bar hit out at Styles saying that they had no fear about Omos since they were an army of two:

“Omos talking about how many matches we’ve had. We’ve been tagging since 2018 my dude. You’ve literally had 3 matches ever. You’re a big guy but so are we and there’s two of us. Bring your little lap dog AJ and we will kick you right in your stupid colossal mouth.”


AJ Styles and Omos hit out at RK-Bro

RK-Bro are one of the hottest tag teams in the WWE right now. But, AJ Styles and Omos don’t think that they will ever be a threat to their championship.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton are now 3-0 as a tag team on RAW. (WWE)
Matt Riddle and Randy Orton are unbeatable as a tag team on RAW. (WWE)

At the RAW talk Omos did acknowledge Orton for being a ‘Legend Killer’, but he claimed that Styles was the ‘Legend of Legends’.

Styles then went on to say that (particularly addressing RK-Bro) – “Here’s a message for R-K-Bro: we’re the RAW Tag Champs for a reason. We just won’t get beat.” [via WrestlingInc]

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