Diricawl Location in Hogwarts Legacy



Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide with all Diricawl bird locations in the game. You can also complete professor Howin’s Task by finding a Diricawl.

Hogwarts Legacy quests and challenges are completed using spells, objects, and animals. Beasts and Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy are located in different locations across the castle. Some beasts are located in Hogwarts Valley and rest are in other spots. Diricawl is a beast and finding it requires patience and skill. The only good thing about finding the Diricawl beast is they don’t fly as you can find them in their dens. Diricawl can suddenly disappear and will appear at different spots to get away from traps. You need spells and Nab-Sack to catch a Diricawl. Even a shiny variant of Diricawl is available in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you find a Diricawl, the first Professor Howin’s beast assignment will be done and you will also get a Bombardo spell. After finding one in their den, use a spell to trap them for a while and then you can catch it in a Nab-Sack. To those who are looking for the best locations to find Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s our guide and pathway to find and catch a Diricawl magical beast.

All Diricawl Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the locations to find Diricawl den in Hogwarts Legacy,

  • Make your way to the southern part of West Hogwarts Alley Floo Flame and find the den near a hill. Look near the ruins and other spots. 
  • Next, you can find one south of lower hogsfield and find the den where inferni spawns.
  • The flightless bird also spawns near South of Hogwarts castle and you can easily find one at the keenbridge floo flame.
  • Next, you can make your way to the Poidsear Coast and find one at the southeast of the beach.
  • Marunweem Lake at the southeast on the map is another best location to find a Diricawl. The exact location is between the area that connects both Manor Cape and Poidsear Coast.
  • Clagmar Coast is another best spot to catch a Diricawl.
Diricawl Location Hogwarts Legacy
Diricawl Locations

These are the best locations to catch a Diricawl beast. Now here’s how you can catch them easily,

How to Catch Diricawl

Before getting to these spots, you can take a broom and travel faster.  Once you find the beast, use both Arresto Momentum and Glacius spells from a short distance. Then use your Nab-Sack to catch it. The beasts don’t fly and this makes it easier to catch them. After catching one, release the beast in a Vivarium in the room of requirement. Once you complete the first Professor Howin’s Task, get the game’s highest damage dealing spell,  Bombarda from a Giant Purple Toad. You can also get Diricawl’s abilities by completing several quests in the game.

Diricawl beast

That’s how you can find and catch Diricawl beasts in their locations. You can complete quests and unlock spells after catching a Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy. We will come back with more Hogwarts Legacy updates and guides soon.

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