Mia Yim didn’t impress Mustafa Ali and there were rumours of her getting fired from Retribution

Reckoning, Mia Yim, made her in-ring debut on Raw this week but things didn’t go well for her.

The former WWE NXT star had been part of Retribution for a long time but her mask fell off during her debut.

Reckoning, AKA Mia Yim, fought without her mask on Raw
Reckoning, AKA Mia Yim, fought without her mask on Raw (WWE)

She was up against Dana Brooke, who had been injured after an attack by Yim. The injury ensured that Brooke missed out on Survivor Series and she wasn’t pleased with the Retribution star.

Mustafa Ali, the leader of Retribution, was by ringside and tried to cause a distraction. However, that only led to Brooke getting the win over Yim and the leader wasn’t happy.

He admonished the former NXT star and blasted her for not performing. Ali also claimed that failure in the group would not be tolerated and Yim did look a little worried about her place.

Will Yim get fired from the group?

Yim isn’t the first female member of the group as NXT star Mercedes Martinez was also present during the initial appearances of the team.

However, she was abruptly sent back to NXT without an explanation. Yim was the first and only Retribution member to have wrestled without her mask. Ali had previously explained that he wanted the other members to feel how he felt when people judged them for their name and looks.

Dana Brooke slapped Mustafa Ali on this week's Raw
Dana Brooke slapped Mustafa Ali on Raw (WWE)

He ensured that all members had a new name and a mask to hide their faces and only Ali would wrestle without a mask.

The performance from Yim wasn’t all that great but it seems she is staying in Retribution for a little longer.

She, using her Reckoning profile, also tweeted regarding the result and posted that failure wasn’t an option.


It will be interesting to see what happens to the Head Baddie in Charge but Ali is not happy at all.

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