Did media giants Disney buy World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)?


Disney is one of the biggest media houses in the world and reports had suggested that they wanted to buy WWE

Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and reports were rife that they were planning to buy WWE.

Former WWE star Ryback added fuel to the fire by suggesting that the takeover would happen sooner or later.

Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE but Disney might have plans to buy it
Vince McMahon smiles during the XFL Press Conference at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California.Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport

He was speaking with Chris Van Vliet and highlighted that Vince McMahon had also parted some power away from the decision making.

WWE made a deal with Fox for SmackDown, and Ryback said that Fox was calling some of the shots.

Now that is different from what McMahon is known as. The WWE boss has kept the business close to him, but this was a sign that things might be changing in the future.

Fox is already owned by Disney, and the media group already has ESPN, among other channels, under their umbrella.

Dana White Who owns UFC
Dana White is the current president of the UFC (Image credit: Getty)

Other media giants under them include Marvel and Star Wars too. Former Disney executive Rick Bassman also did not shut out rumours that the buy might happen sometime in the future.

ESPN already has a major deal with the UFC, but that doesn’t mean that Disney controls the promotion.

The same goes for the Fox and WWE deal, but Disney getting control over it makes sense.

Why might the deal take place?

Right now, WWE is in a decent position given that there is only AEW that can fight with it on the TV screens.

However, the business has seen some pitfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic and their Saudi Arabia deal not going on well.

It is no secret that WWE hasn’t been doing as well as it should under McMahon, and a tie-up with Disney could solve that problem.

Triple H was one of the hosts for this week's NXT as it affected the grades, results, winners and reaction
Triple H is one of the senior executives in WWE (Image credit: Getty)

We all know how well Marvel Studios did with their tie-up and it has produced a lot of great content. WWE is a cross between a sport and a daily soap opera.

It had some brilliant times during the attitude era, and for all the new stars on its roster, they haven’t been able to match up with that time.

Sure, you have more shows and more stars to highlight, but somethings might need changing up top.

Disney’s execs could make those decisions, which might not go down well with McMahon. However, to survive in this business, you have to evolve.

WWE hasn’t been bought by Disney yet, but the media giants are always looking to explore.

They have great marketable faces, WWE is already a huge media brand and they will always stay relevant.

Disney has worked magic in the past and could do the same should they get their hands on WWE.

Another twist in the tale?

More fire was thrown into this discussion with former WWE performer Zeb Colter suggesting that WWE is planning to sell too.

Colter suggested that ESPN and Fox were interested in buying WWE, and this was coming from the WWE HQ.

Now Disney owns ESPN and has a stake in Fox too, so the links with one of the biggest media houses seem to be getting stronger every day.

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