Deviation Games shutting down is terrible news for Sony and PlayStation fans


The shut down of Deviation Games is another scenario where the gaming industry is being affected by the layoffs.

Deviation Games is the latest studio that was a victim of shutting down.Even though no exact reason was provided behind the shutting down of this studio, we have some theories of our own to figure out its closure.

Located in California, USA, Deviation Games is a video game development company. Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell, two seasoned professionals well recognized for their work on the “Call of Duty” series, launched the studio in 2020.

revealed they are collaborating with PlayStation Studios to create a brand-new, original AAA game when they announced their formation in 2021. Currently, there were no updates from the studio about the game they were making. The fact that Deviation Games were backed up from such a huge company such as Sony doesn’t change the fact that layoffs are affecting the whole gaming industry. There are other options like Vulkan Vegas casino online for unrivalled gaming experiences, however, shutting down companies like Deviation is terrible news for Play Station fans.

Deviation Games
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Deviation Games Closed Down

Regrettably, layoffs in the video game industry happen frequently. Layoffs may result from a number of circumstances, including project completion, market conditions, or firm reorganization. Publishers and other businesses in the industry, in addition to big and small game production teams, may be impacted by these incidents.

The industry as a whole and the individually impacted individuals can experience hardship during layoffs. It may lead to brilliant people looking for new chances, postponed or canceled projects, and changes in the company’s strategy or focus.

Deviation Games x Playstation

The trend of shutting down development studios has been going on for decades now and it is hard to keep a studio running if they do not have proper funding or support. Take an example of Electronic Arts that shut down many of their studios such as Visceral Games. Visceral Games was one of the best developers EA had and despite the success of their Dead Space franchise, the studio had to be shut down. Like I mentioned before, this trend is not new and it seems like the community has not found out a way to apply breaks to this ecosystem.

The worst part about Deviation Games is that, this is one of those studios that was shut down even before the release of a product. Such rare cases do exist and Deviation Studios are one of them. Hopefully, Sony has a backup plan for all the remaining development studios under its belt. Still a surprising news that shocked the industry as no official reason was provided.

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One good news about Sony and Playstation is that they do tend to promote indie games in their Playstation Plus Subscription. To know the different tiers Playstation is offering, click here.

When was Deviation Games founded?

Deviation Games was founded in 2020 by veterans of the Call of Duty franchise.

What games did Deviation Games develop?

Unfortunately, none. This is one of those rare scenarios where a development studio was shut down before releasing a product.

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