Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector – Complete Walkthrough


Looking to farm Exotics in Destiny 2? Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector is a fantastic option, and below is a complete walkthrough.

In the current state of Destiny 2, Lost Sectors stand out as the prime method of acquiring Exotic armor. You have a higher chance of obtaining an Exotic armor piece and a moderate chance at an Enhancement Core by soloing a Legend or Master Lost Sector.

Master difficulty Legendary Lost Sectors can prove to be quite challenging. However, they are definitely not impossible. With the help of our guide, you can complete these Lost Sectors very easily. For Exotic farming purposes, the Perdition Lost Sector is a top pick. This is because of its short length and manageable boss. Below you will find the complete walkthrough of the Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector.


Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector

At the start of the Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector, you will encounter multiple enemies. There will be a single Hydra Boss, an Overload Minotaur, two Hobgoblins, and some Harpies.

To take down the Hydra Boss quickly, use Stasis and Lament. Start by eliminating the Harpy to your right, then go after the other two that will spawn. Toss a grenade near the Hydra to freeze it, then unleash your Heavy weapon or abilities to finish it off. If the Hydra survives, it will teleport to either the next room or the end of the first room. Damage it from afar until it dies or disappears.

As you move into the first room, get ready for the second set of enemies to spawn. This group includes an Overload Minotaur, two Hobgoblins, and a few Harpies. Draw the Overload Champion towards the back of the room. Then use Explosive Payload weapons to stun it before dealing the final blow. Wipe out the remaining enemies and head up the stairs toward the next room.

Wyvern Room

Head to the Wyvern Room and face off against some challenging enemies. These include one Hydra (if not defeated in the previous room), two Barrier Hobgoblins, one Overload Minotaur, two Wyverns, one Minotaur, and some Goblins.

As soon as you reach the top of the stairs, take out the Overload Minotaur around the corner and immediately run down the stairs. The Minotaur will follow and teleport to your location, making it easy to stun. Finish it off before running back up the stairs to defeat the wave of Goblins. If you didn’t manage to kill the Hydra in the previous room, it will reappear on the stairs at the far end of the room. Damage it from a safe distance until it is defeated.


Defeat other enemies

To proceed to the next set of enemies, head toward the center of the room where you will face two Barrier Hobgoblins and other enemies. If you approach the stairs, two Wyverns will also appear. It’s best to spawn the enemies and then retreat to the staircase to take out the charging Minotaur and other Vex adds. Once you’re ready, push up to the stairs to face the Wyverns. Be sure to use your Super, grenades, or Heavy weapon to take them out before they can hit you with their deadly cannons.

After defeating the Wyverns, you’ll need to deal with the remaining Vex Goblins and separate the Barrier Hobgoblins to break their line of sight. Freezing one of the Hobgoblins or luring one down to the lower floor are the best strategies to accomplish this. Once you have separated them, take down one Hobgoblin and then eliminate the other. Finally, run up the stairs to confront the final boss and other enemies in the Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector Final Boss

Upon entering the final Boss Arena of Perdition, players will be faced with a giant Boss Minotaur along with several waves of Goblins and Harpies. To effectively take down the boss, eliminate all the fodder enemies before concentrating on the boss itself. Using Heavy weapons to quickly melt the boss is highly recommended, especially if you haven’t used your Super yet.

Get your rewards

After defeating the boss, rush towards the cover located beside the Lost Sector chest. Players are advised not to open the chest yet, as it may void a Platinum completion. Two Barrier Hobgoblins will spawn on opposite ends of the room along with more Goblins and Harpies. 

Players should take down the weaker enemies first before breaking up the Hobgoblins so that they don’t have line-of-sight on each other. A Heavy weapon can then be used to shred them to pieces. Once all enemies have been eliminated, players can claim their rewards by opening the Lost Sector chest and obtaining a Platinum completion.

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