Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide – 10 Tips ad Tricks for Beginners


If you are new to Dead By Daylight Mobile and facing issues then no need to worry. You will be strong with the help of the Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game with an asymmetrical gameplay style. The game features one player as the Killer and the remaining four players as Survivors. The main goal of the Survivors is to repair five out of the seven generators found throughout the map. This is important in order to power the two exit gates and escape. 

Meanwhile, the Killer must hunt down and impale all Survivors onto hooks before they can make their escape. If only one Survivor remains, an escape hatch will open for them. However, if the Killer closes the hatch or opens an exit gate, the “Endgame Collapse” will begin. Then the Survivors must escape within a two-minute time limit. So how will you master this game? The Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide has some of the best tips and tricks that will help you.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide: Teamwork

Surviving in Dead by Daylight requires a lot of teamwork, whether you’re playing with friends or not. It’s nearly impossible to win a game against powerful killers on your own. Therefore, working with your fellow survivors is crucial.

Teammates can provide valuable assistance during gameplay. They can help you from completing generators on their own to diverting the killer’s attention away from you. This allows you to focus on your tasks without worrying about getting caught by the killer, which can ultimately lead to victory.

Playing with friends can offer even greater advantages, as you can coordinate and strategize with each other in the lobby before the match. By building a team that complements each other’s survivor skills, you can increase your chances of success in the game.

Avoiding Blood Trails and Mischievous Crows

One of the biggest challenges for survivors in Dead by Daylight is avoiding leaving a blood trail after being struck by the killer. Even walking slowly can leave a noticeable trail that can lead the killer right to you. To avoid being caught, survivors must be careful not only to evade the killer’s gaze but also to watch their every step and minimize the trail they leave behind.

Another threat to survivors’ safety comes from mischievous crows that can give away their location to the killer. Players who are new to Dead by Daylight Mobile may not be aware of these devious creatures, which can give away your position if you get too close or camp in one place for too long. To avoid being detected, survivors must be mindful of the crows’ presence and move carefully around them.

Mastering Stealthy Play

Survivors in Dead by Daylight are vulnerable and easily taken down by the killer with just two hits. Without any means to fight back, the only way to escape is by repairing generators and surviving each trial. To avoid being caught and put on a hook, it’s crucial to adopt a sneaky and stealthy playstyle.

A stealthy approach can make it much more difficult for the killer to locate you. The maps in Dead by Daylight are designed with many obstacles and objects that can be used to your advantage. By hiding behind walls or using conveniently placed lockers, you can avoid detection and buy yourself some extra time. However, survivors must also be mindful of the killer’s limited first-person view and be careful not to be caught in a locker, as the killer can easily pick you up if they find you there.

The Art of Distraction

In Dead by Daylight, serving as a distraction for the killer can be a useful strategy for helping your fellow survivors. However, this tactic should only be attempted by players with good control and a good knowledge of the map.

When a survivor is downed by the killer, rushing toward them will often lead to failure. Even if you have a flashlight that can temporarily blind the killer, it’s best to wait until they start carrying the victim before attempting a rescue. You can also follow at a safe distance and be ready to unhook your ally once the killer has moved away. Other survivors can also help by serving as a distraction to draw the killer’s attention away from the downed survivor.

If you have a toolbox, using it to sabotage hooks at the right time can also be an effective tactic. With so many hooks scattered across each map, it’s difficult to predict which ones the killer will use. By sabotaging a hook and setting up a baiting party, survivors can create a distraction and lure the killer away from their objectives.


Do not run

Running around the map is a common mistake that many beginners make. Running creates noise and leaves a trail that the killer can easily follow, so it’s best to walk or crouch instead. Additionally, when vaulting over a ledge, avoid performing a quick vault as it creates noise and gives your location away.

It’s important to be mindful of the crows in Dead by Daylight, as they can reveal your location if you get too close to them or stay still for too long. However, don’t be afraid to use closets to your advantage when the killer is nearby. Just make sure to walk to the closet, as running will leave a trail that the killer can easily follow. When hiding in a closet, keep an eye on your heartbeat to determine how close the killer is to you.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide: Patroling

In Dead by Daylight Mobile, a killer’s success is heavily dependent on their ability to patrol the map strategically. Unlike the tutorial, actual trials take place in much larger maps, and it’s easy for a killer to get overwhelmed by their sense of power and control over the match.

While killers have high senses and fast movement speed, they face a tough challenge when pitted against four coordinated survivors. To effectively eliminate survivors, a killer must understand each survivor’s unique abilities and predict their behavior to set up traps.

One important strategy for killers is to set up a route that takes them through all the generators on the map. The objective is to prevent survivors from repairing five generators, which would allow them to escape. Failing skill checks and repaired generators can be used to trace the survivors’ location, allowing the killer to adjust their strategy accordingly.

However, it’s not just about direct confrontation. Killers should aim to surprise survivors with their arrival. Repaired generators can be damaged with a weapon attack, slowing survivors’ progress. But the killer should be prepared to engage the survivors again, as they are likely to return to fix the generator. By mastering strategic patrolling, a killer can become a formidable opponent in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Wooden Panels and Flash Lights

Wooden panels can be used by survivors to block the killer’s path and gain a head start. If the killer is too close to the panel when it falls, they can become stunned, giving the survivor a chance to escape. However, survivors who are standing on the other side of the panel are usually trying to bait the killer. Moving back and forth or around the panel can help the killer reach the survivor.

Flashlights can temporarily blind the killer and can be used more effectively than wooden panels. As a killer, be ready to look away from the flashlight or quickly attack the survivor if they are close enough. Survivors often use flashlights when the killer is vaulting over a window or ledge, destroying a wooden panel, or carrying a survivor to a hook.

Finally, it’s important for killers to take note of survivors they have already hooked. Survivors can only be hooked three times before they die instantly, so focusing on reducing their numbers is a viable strategy. While it may be tempting to focus on a single survivor early on, diversifying targets will increase the chances of success. By being aware of survivor tactics, killers can increase their chances of success in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide: Rituals

No matter how well or poorly you perform in your matches, you can earn rewards in Dead by Daylight Mobile. If you’re looking to earn more rewards, consider completing objectives through the rituals feature.

You can access rituals by tapping on its icon on the left side of the main screen. There are initial objectives that will help boost your progress, as well as daily and weekly rituals. These objectives are like missions you’d find in other games and typically involve activities you’ll engage in during matches.

Some objectives are specific to survivors, while others are for killers. Review the objectives on each list and keep track of ones you can accomplish in your next match. Don’t be discouraged if your initial rewards aren’t much – consider them as part of your training sessions.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide: Add-ons

Add-ons are essential tools in Dead by Daylight that can enhance the effect of a killer’s innate power. With various rarities, add-ons offer a range of effects to choose from, such as increasing capacity, decreasing visibility, or granting more bloodpoints for every victim. Killers can also benefit from exclusive map modifiers that alter hook and chest spawns.

Meanwhile, survivor add-ons support their survival skills and require careful selection as only one type, along with specific modifiers, can be used at one time. Flashlights, toolboxes, keys, maps, and med-kits are just a few examples. Survivors can also use offerings to improve their luck or the luck of all players.

Both killers and survivors can benefit from offerings that increase bloodpoint rewards or allow for realm selection. However, players should be cautious when investing bloodpoints in add-ons and offerings, as they should ensure the rewards are worth the investment before using them.


Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide: Spectate

As a beginner in Dead by Daylight, one effective way to learn the game is to spectate the remaining players after you have been eliminated. By doing this, you can see the killer’s actions from various perspectives and learn from their tactics. If the killer managed to eliminate you by hooking you three times, it is safe to assume that they are skilled and not just lucky. Take note of how they play the game and try to apply some of their tactics on your next match.

Spectating not only helps you learn from skilled players, but also helps you identify mistakes made by either the survivors or the killer. By observing the trial post-mortem, you can learn various strategies and techniques that can improve your gameplay. So, take advantage of the opportunity to spectate and learn from other players.

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