Dave The Diver x Godzilla Free DLC & Updates!


The newest Dave The Diver x Godzilla free DLC and upgrades are here to take your aquatic adventures to new heights! All you need to know to maximize this incredible partnership is here.

The DLC is a must for you. We recommend you not to miss this DLC at any cost if you want to experience greatness. We have the complete details about this Godzilla DLC that will help you to understand each and every detail very quickly. Let’s take a look then.

How Long Is the Free Dave The Diver x Godzilla DLC Download Available?

This is one deal you really don’t want to pass up! Free download of the Godzilla DLC is available from May 23, 2024 (00:00 PDT) until November 23, 2024 (11:59 PM PST). The download option will vanish after that, hence make sure to get it before the time runs out. Rest assured, though, that once you’ve downloaded it, you may play it and even reinstall it if necessary long after the distribution time has ended.

What New Missions Await You?

What further difficulties lie ahead in the depths? The Dave The Diver x Godzilla DLC adds three additional unique missions. It will become accessible following the conclusion of Chapter 5. Your diving experiences will be tested and thrilling new levels added by these tasks. Explore more and reveal the secrets that lie ahead!

Hungry for New Dishes?

Mood swinging? The infamous Godzilla and the hideous Ebirah serve up new gastronomic treats in this DLC. Discover and offer your patrons at your sushi restaurant these unusual meals to surprise them with tastes they have never had before.

Can You Find All the Godzilla Figures?

Dave The Diver x Godzilla
Dave The Diver x Godzilla

Everything about exploration has simply been much more thrilling! Godzilla figurines are dispersed throughout the water and only waiting to be found. Get them all to show off your commitment and give your collection a little bit of the King of Monsters. All of them, can you find?

What System Improvements Have Been Made?

This update isn’t just about new content; it’s also packed with system improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some key changes:

  • Display Changes: The version number now only shows up on the title and settings screens, which makes the game easier to play.
  • Enhanced Controls: There is now controller vibration in some moments, and you can now give keys to mouse buttons 4 and 5 in the “Keybind” settings.
  • Sushi Restaurant Icons: The style of the icon for staff who are currently “Dispatching” has been changed to make it easier to understand.
  • Changes to the awards system: achievements that you are missing will now be added based on how far you play the game, making sure you get the credit you deserve. With this patch, the “Ration Eater” and “Dev Killer” awards will start to get new content.
  • Visual Enhancements: The stars in the dark part of the crescent moon and some DLC icons on the “Load” screen have been made to look better.

Dave The Diver x Godzilla Bugs Fix

The developers have worked hard to fix a host of bugs, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Boss Battles: Issues with loading after choosing “Give up and return” during the Wolf Eel battle and Dave’s headlight turning off in Chapter 4 have been fixed.
  • Mission Progression: Problems with progressing through missions in Chapter 7, overlapping missions, and specific tasks not advancing have been resolved.
  • Sea Exploration: Issues with disappearing weapons/items, discrepancies in roe quantities, unnatural fish spawning, and animation glitches have been addressed.
  • Sushi Restaurant: Fixes for unavailable dishes, inefficient branch managers, interaction issues with Otto, speech bubble errors, and dispatch result popups during tutorials.
  • Smartphone Apps: Ingredient stock display errors in the Management App have been corrected.
  • General Fixes: Interaction options with NPCs, as well as typos and awkward translations, have been improved across various languages.

What’s Next for Your Underwater Adventure?

With these improvements, diving is going to be more exciting and easy than before. The Dave The Diver x Godzilla DLC will draw you in whether you’re taking on new tasks, searching for undiscovered riches, or running your busy sushi business.

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