Dark and Darker Barbarian Build – Perks, Skills, and Tips



Our Dark and Darker class guide includes the best Barbarian build, stats, skills, and weapons.

Dark and Darker, the much awaited fantasy RPG and FPS is all set for its next playtest after 3 successful alpha playtests. Dark and Darker is a fantasy Dungeon roleplaying game where your role as an adventurer is to choose your magical heroes from six different classes and join hands with three friends to tussle against the dragons in epic first-person combat. You can pick your weapons along with Incantations, spells, magic, and mastery to compete against the warriors of Dark and Darker. The game has class-based gameplay elements and mechanisms, and all the classes boast different traits and powers. The game has been getting excellent reviews and the full version release is expected to be delayed once again.

As of now, Dark and Darker has 6 classes. Barbarian, Wizard, Cleric, Ranger, Fighter, and Rogue. You need to pick your heroes from these classes and build your team to progress in Dark and Darker. Barbarian is one of the powerful classes in Dark and Darker. To know everything about the Barbarians in the game, here’s our best Barbarian class build with all perks, skills, and strategies to level up faster in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Barbarian Class Build – Perks, Skills, and Tips

Barbarian is one of the primary classes that has different skills and perks which will help you to deal massive damage to your enemies. He is an aggressive and faster class and the attacks are lightning fast in Combat. Barbarian is a versatile class and you can pair Barbarians with Fighters, Wizards, and Rangers to get the best results.

The best thing about having Barbarian class heroes in Dark and Darker is their ability to deal massive damage consistently and the Barbarian class tanks can also be used in short-range. Barbarian heroes are also great in AoE targeted zones. The Barbarian class deals magical damage and will have high magical resistance for every combat.

Dark and Darker Barbarian gameplay
Dark and Darker Barbarian gameplay

Best Perks for Barbarian in Dark and Darker

There are a variety of perks in Dark and Darker, here are the best perks for the Barbarian class.

Morale, Boost, and Carnage can be the best weapon perk for Barbarian. These perks will exponentially increase the DPS stats for Barbarian class heroes in Dark and Darker. The magical Resistance attribute gets doubled with the right perks and skills for Barbarian.

Morale will exponentially increase your attacking powers and movement speed. While carnage perk makes Barbarian class heroes a carnage on-field and you will be able inflict explosive damage. Boost perk boosts every stats and skills of your heroes as the perk’s name itself says.

Barbarian Class – Best Tips and Skills

The Barbarian class is highly resistant to magical DMG and they are also vulnerable against ranger and wizard heroes in the game. Reckless Attack and Rage are the best skills to have the best weapon build for Barbarian.

Strength will get increased for a longer time. And, additionally your movement speed is also getting increased by 15%. Overall, this is an insane skill for Barbarian heroes in he game.Reckless attack will help you avoid getting damaged and it can also increase your defense. Reckless attack is another best skill for Barbarians in Dark and Darker.

For weapons, you can also go with Double Axe or a Horsemans Axe or even a Hatchet. These are the best skills and best weapon build for Barbarian class that will make them the best heroes in the game.

Dark and Darker Barbarian

Barbarians can attack faster and deal massive melee damage. Barbarians also boast a variety of melee combos that will deal heavy melee damage on your opponents or dragons. The weaknesses of Barbarian in Dark and Darker are its poor Armor, vulnerability against Wizard and Ranger, and inability to use Spells and Magic. But yet, the best perks and skills will make Barbarians one of the best classes in the game to pickup.

Barbarians can kill your opponents in two shots with the best weapon build and skills. The smash perk of Barbarian allows you to destroy chests, doors, and walls easily. Barbarian is also extremely good for PvP combat and boasts high health every time.

When is Dark and Darker Releasing? – Know it Here!

Dark and Darker is about to complete its playtest run in February 2023. The developers IRONMACE team are yet to lock in the official global release date for Dark and Darker. Dark and Darker is made on a large scale and budget, hence the release date is getting delayed. The Fantasy-themed RPG and FPS Dungeon Crawler is expected to be released in the second half of 2023. We will update more about the game as soon as they are out from the developers of Dark and Darker. You can also check on the maker’s social media handles for regular Dark and Darker updates and other release date updates as well.

That’s everything you need to know about the Barbarian class build and guide in Dark and Darker from us. Once the game releases, you can go with these perks, skills, and weapons for Barbarian class heroes in the game. We will come back with more Dark and Darker updates and guides soon.

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