Dana Brooke (Ashley Sebera) and Mandy Rose to collab? Twitter meltdown as former WWE star reacts to steamy photo 



Ashley Sebera (Dana Brooke) recently opened a FanTime account and she could be setting up a collaboration with Mandy Rose 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Mandy Rose (l) and Dana Brooke were in WWE (WWE)

Former WWE star Dana Brooke became the latest star to open an account on a content creation site.

Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Sebera and who is using that for her accounts, posted a few images of her FanTime account.

Now FanTime is similar to OnlyFans and another former WWE star is also on the platform. Lacey Evans has made quite some waves on FanTime, and it seems that Sebera wants to follow suit.

The former WWE 24/7 Champion recently posted another photograph on Twitter (now known as X) asking her fans to subscribe.

This caught the attention of Mandy Sacs, AKA Mandy Rose, another former WWE star. WWE released Rose after some content appeared on her FanTime account that was deemed NSFW. 

The former NXT Women’s champion later created an OnlyFans account, and she reacted to the photo shared by Dana Brooke. 

Rose has already done a collaboration with Paige VanZant, a former MMA star. VanZant is also on OnlyFans and many fans wanted Brooke and Rose to set up a collaboration. 

Mandy Rose making a ton of money from OnlyFans 

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke have quite a lot of history between them. They both are bodybuilders and have won several titles. However, they were also a team in WWE.

Rose and Brooke were a tag team in WWE in 2020, but that didn’t last long. They both have also been released but Rose was more successful during her time in the business.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke celebrated their win on Raw
Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke celebrate their win on Raw (WWE)

Nevertheless, content creation seems to be working quite well for several stars. Many UFC stars have completely shifted to this after their fighting career has come to an end. Former WWE stars are also making quite a bit of money from OnlyFans and similar sites.

Rose also confirmed the same while speaking to TMZ. The former WWE star added that she was also able to become financially independent and help her family’s business too:

“It’s been kind of life-changing, I must say … I’m really blessed, but I will say that I have a lot of financial freedom right now which is really amazing. That’s why I’m so grateful that I’m able to help my family right now and kind of rejuvenate their business they got going on, and just continue with my future.”


Content creation seems set to stay for a while, and it comes as no surprise that many former WWE and MMA stars are taking up this route.

While most of the content is adult in nature, that is selling at the moment. Rose and Brooke might not be collaborating now, but this can’t be ruled out.

Lacey Evans could also be interested in this, and there could be a lot of great collaborative content coming out soon. 

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