How to Beat Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen?



Discover the best strategies to defeat the Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen from our guide.

Lords of the Fallen is an intriguing RPG adventure. With two different realms and mysterious locations, players have to explore new spots and traverse throughout realms to find new stories and challenges. To get the best secret endings, you have to complete some important challenges and boss fights in the campaign. The challenge against Damarose the Marked will be a key to unlock the secret ending in Lords of the Fallen.

Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen is an NPC enemy and he keeps shifting to new locations. You have to find and interact with him at three spots to trigger the challenge. This boss uses holy, salts and poison damage. So, carry fire type weapons and spells to counter her attacks. Here’s how you can find the Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen and defeat her.

Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen

Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen
Boss fight

Travel to Pilgrim’s Perch and find the boss at lower levels. You can access the zone using an elevator. If you fail to catch him, then you have to reach the Vestige of Blind Agatha and head to the Bramis Castle. She will try to avoid the battle during your interaction. So, you can try to cleanse the beacons and trigger her.

This boss fight comes under the questline, Adyr’s Faithful Servant. Picking fire weapons is the key to winning battles. You can carry some Umbral and Radiance spells. Find the tips to defeat this early game boss.

Tricks to Beat Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen

She uses the long-range Cleaver, a big and powerful axe. As the challenge commences, Damarose will hammer the ground and will lunge forward to attack. You can use Holy, Burn or Smite effects to stun and freeze her for a while. You can launch a two-hit attack and drain her health.

Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen

Damarose will swing her axe and inflict a heavy attack. She will come forward and perform a charged attack and this can be parried. Her other attacks included sweep and swipe combos where she unleashes the flamethrower effects as well.

Use a Dagger or grand hammer and attack from a distance. Also, equip gear items to avoid losing health. Focus on blocking and parrying attacks and ensure your hp remains the same. 

You can run inside the arena and confuse her. Launch your attacks from all ends. Using status effects is the key to deplete her health. Damarose will only rely on swing and sweep attacks. So, you can try a variety of combos and deplete her health and shield further. Use weapons like Flail or Knives and stab her constantly.

During the last phase, Damarose will unleash a heavy swipe attack and she will slam the ground again to trigger some effects. You have to stay behind or hide somewhere and once the effects disappear, launch your final set of attacks and eliminate her.


After defeating the boss, you can claim several rewards as drops. Here’s what you will receive,

  • Damarose’s Cleaver
  • Animated Vigor Skull 
  •  Purifying Balm
  • Seething Vigor Skulls
  • Unripe Berries

That’s how you can defeat the Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked boss and progress in the campaign. Defeating this enemy unlocks new stories in the game as well.


Which is the Most Important Stat in Lords of the Fallen?

Every stat in Lords of the Fallen provides bonus effects. But, strength is vital and increases your physical attacks. You can upgrade all stats by spending some Vigors at vestiges. Stats power up your characters and their skills.

How Long to Beat Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen has many story quests and boss battles. To beat the game, you have to spend at least 30 hours and this is only possible with the best builds and equipment in your inventory.

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